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Slip and Fall Injury Attorneys & Accident Lawyers For Fair Verdicts

Slip and fall accidents cost Americans billions of dollars a year and claim tens of thousands of lives. According to epidemiological surveys, hip fractures among elderly patients due to slip and fall accidents alone account for thousands of hospital admissions per year.

If you, a friend or loved one has been injured in a slip and fall accident in California, you may need legal representation to pursue claims and get a fair settlement.

This is Rosemary's story. Rosemary came to Bisnar Chase after a horrific fall where there was no handrail. She had no option but to break her fall and hope for the best. Rosemary ended up in the hospital and convalescent home care for close to two months. What's more inspiring is that she took her settlement money and traveled to feed the hungry.

Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys have a stellar track record for fighting for the rights of slip and fall personal injury victims. We are Better Business Bureau rated, and we boast a 97.8% success rate.

We invite you to check out some of our professional achievements and client settlements. All told, we have recovered close to $200 million in damages during our 30 years of operation. We offer free, zero obligation consultations for slip and fall accident claimants -- call our toll free hotline, 949-203-3814 for more details.

Even if your slip and fall has immobilized you, and you are unable to meet with us in person, we can still help. We can visit you in your hospital room, doctor's office, and even your own home. Whatever is easiest for you while you are trying to recover from your injuries.

slip and fall accidentProving liability in some California slip and fall cases can be quite complex. For instance, let's say you slipped on an icy walkway outside a restaurant.

Your instinct may be to hold the restaurant owner liable, but if the sidewalk is legally considered the city's property, or if several entities hold joint responsibility for keeping the sidewalk clear, the matter can get complicated.

Given both, the tricky logistics often at play in slip and fall cases and the vulnerability that accident victims often feel in the wake of their injuries, you need representatives who will really listen to your needs. We at Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys pride ourselves on being great communicators as well as vigorous advocates. We can help you make sense of your legal situation and help you get back on your feet.

Our attorneys have won numerous awards for representing injury victims including Attorney of the Year several times. If you need quality representation without having to pay up front, consider talking with us. Our promise to our clients is that you will have all fees advanced for your case until the end. If you follow our advice and we don't win, you wont pay.


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Premises Liability Attorneys

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