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Rottweilers Dog Breed

about rottweilers dog bites

Rottweilers: Vicious attack dog, or loyal family companion? There are many people who have strong opinions towards both sides of this debate, but the truth is, like every dog breed today, Rottweilers are a case by case basis, and should not be generalized into one category; aggressive or non-aggressive.

Like all dogs, pets and animals, no two are the same, having different genetics, DNA, differences in how they were raised and their environment. Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Lawyers are here to help you better understand the Rottweiler breed, learn their history and statistical information about dog attacks, how to avoid an attack or how to better defend yourself during an attack.

In the situation of a dog bite or animal attack, immediate and professional medical attention is always advised, followed by seeking legal action to help you recover your losses, medical costs, financial assistance and even compensation.

This page will cover the following:

Can Your Rottweiler be both a Family Companion & Attack Dog?

natural guard rottweiler attack dogsFrom taking down burglars to posing with infamous Los Angeles gangs, Rottweilers have been made into a vicious and aggressive breed my movies, propaganda and society. Every dog, animal and human have the ability to act violently without any warning.

The Rottweiler breed are very powerful, intelligent and strong-willed,making them great defenders and loyal to their family and owners.

Rottweilers have a long history going back to the 1800's, from herding livestock, to law enforcement, to loyal family companions protection children.

This page will give an in-depth look at Rottweilers, their history, temperament, warning signs and so forth. If you have been attacked or experienced a dog bite from a Rottweiler or other dog breed, you are always urged to seek medical attention immediately and to contact a team of skilled and highly experienced Dog Bite Lawyers.

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History of Rottweilers

Rottweilers come from a strong breed of dog, called Molossus which is a type of mastiff. Originating from Germany, the Romans used them to heard cattle. The name Rottweiler is derived from "Das Rote Wil," which means "the red tile." This dog breed and their handlers built houses with red tile roofs, and when excavated a site nearly 600 years later and uncovered red tiles from the roofs.

Rottweilers were of high necessity, for southern Germany was known for their cattle and livestock, using Rotts to heard and protect the animals. Rail transport made a strong impact on driving cattle, and the Rottweiler nearly became extinct.

In 1901, after a dog show in 1882 where only one nondescript Rottweiler was on display, the Rottweiler and Leonberger Club was founded. Soon after, the first standard of the Rottweiler breed was written. The Rottweiler's character and appearance has changed a little since then.

The breed was soon utilized for its intelligence and power, helping the Army and in other areas of defense and protection.

<rottweilers in the army and military

Rottweilers became a popular service dog for law enforcement, sniffing for drugs, explosives, offering assistance in taking down dangerous criminals and so forth. There strength, high training abilities, knowledge and loyalty makes them very well suited for this type of work.

rottweilers in law enforcment

The Rottweiler established a name for themselves; truly a breed to be reckoned with. But as the Rottweiler breed became popular, so did the over-breeding of Rottweilers in puppy-mills, underground breeders, black markets and in abusive, low quality and unsafe environments sold for the wrong reasons, such as dog fighting, dangerous muling and other activities that often resulted in serious injuries leaving them severely disabled, or death.

These historical photos were provided by, who focus on high-end breeding and quality Rottweilers. They specialize in finding homes with suitable, loving and responsible owners. To learn more about Rottweilers from these experts, visit their website.

Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler Klub (ADRK)

One club that has an authoritative reputation is the Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler Klub (ADRK), established in 1921. The very first Rottweiler registered in America was in 1931, and the rest is history. Throughout the 1900's the breed came to be more and more respected, finding responsible jobs and duties that would fit a Rottweiler's needs.

Even though they are an intimidating breed, with territorial mindsets, Rottweilers soon found themselves with loving families, living with and being loved by families in their homes.

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Rottweiler Dog Bite Statistics

Although Rottweilers can make great family companions, protector of children and family members, they do carry an infamous rap sheet of attacks, bites and killings.

  • According to, in a recent year's study, 11% of dog bite fatalities were from Rottweilers
  • states that between 1982-2013:
    • 514 bodily harm attacks
    • 290 child victim attacks
    • 136 adult victim attacks
    • 81 deaths
    • 294 maimings
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Is the Rottweiler a Better Family Companion or Attack Dog?

family rottweiler companion petIf you grew up in the late 1980's and 1990's, you probably had or knew someone who had a pet Rottweiler. That is because throughout the 1980's and 1990's the Rottweiler breed was one of the most popular dogs to have.

Whether these Rottweilers were owned as a family companion, for protection or for recreational use, breeders were aware of this breeds popularity boom, and many took advantage of it.

People were breeding Rottweilers left and right, but unfortunately, even though they were at the peak of their popularity, there were many Rottweilers that did not have homes. From puppy-mills to chain pet stores, Rottweilers were taken advantage of, and many of these pups suffered as result.

Regardless of this breeds history, many wonder about getting a Rottweiler, but still have concerns about their ability to be trained, domesticated and docile, especially around infants, young children and the elderly. The truth is, they make great family members and offer loyal and protective companionship.

With the right upbringing, training, established authority and enforcement, these dogs make great protectors of family members; from children to adults, making robberies and assaults a much lower risk for households. The overall concern for "aggressive breeds" is the possibility of the dog reacting negatively and biting a family member or guests. This is definitely a factor to keep in mind at all times. Never let your guard down, especially if a dog is acting oddly, confused, scared or defensive.

If you have a Rottweiler or other dog breed that is acting concerning, especially around children or elderly individuals, keep the dog on a leash, chain or in a kennel. Muzzles add extra protection in case the dog suddenly decides to bite or attack.

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What Are Rottweiler's Temperament?

Society has portrayed a large variety of dog breeds, including the Rottweiler, as vicious, territorial man eaters that should always be on a chain with a muzzle. But are all Rottweilers aggressive and dangerous?

When it comes to animals, the truth is, regardless of their genetics, DNA, historical background and heritage, you never know what kind of reactions, behavior or responses you are going to experience. Many believe that breed characteristics are defined by genetics and DNA heritage. Others will say it's solely how they were raised and nurtured.

Given a large amount of research, a fair statement is to consider all factors when judging a dog's temperament, such as how they were raised, common genetics and their environment.

breed characteristics rottweiler infographic

(Infographic courtesy of

Owning a Rottweiler

Rottweilers rank 17th among 155 breeds. As there Rottweiler breed temperament and characteristic infographic above illustrates, they earn there ranking respectfully. But before you go out and purchase a Rottweiler, it's best to fully understand them, and ensure that your living arrangements, time you are able to spend with them, your planning for the dog's living, sleeping, eating, bathroom and playtime/exercise arrangements are well-suited towards the dogs needs.

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Are Rottweiler Attack & Bite Reports Accurate?

When you think of the world's most dangerous breeds, which type of dogs do you picture?

It actually depends which area of a dog bite and animal attack statistics report you look at. Whether it's attacks/bites in general, severity of the mauling, deaths, ages of the victims; the factors that go into all of the different variations of dog bites is endless unfortunately.

But going off of the Rottweiler attack statistics listed above, are Rottweilers the most dangerous breed? Consider this: all dogs have the ability to bite and attack, but how severe are the results of their attack? Some breeds may have a higher chance of biting someone over another breed, but the severity of the bite may be far less than the other breed that is less likely to attack.

For example, chihuahuas are a small-breed dog, with a tendency to be territorial and protective of their owners. Due to their small size, aggressive behavior and consistency in biting locations, they have earned the nickname, "ankle-biters." But how severe are the bite wounds from an "ankle-biter?"

Even though Rottweilers can sometimes tend to have an aggressive attitude as well as any other dog, the injuries inflicted from a Rottweiler attack compared to an ankle-biter are going to be much different, and potentially deadly.

But in dog bite and dog attack statistics and reports, these factors are not included because it is generally irrelevant. Dog bite reports are meant to focus on more serious analytics rather than small and redundant.

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5 Steps to Protecting Yourself from an Aggressive Rottweiler Attack

It is impossible to read a dog to be friendly or not. Sometimes dogs can look like they are inviting of strangers when they really are planning to react aggressively, and sometimes dogs that are coming off aggressive are very friendly and want to lick you all over and get pets and affection.

Here are 5 steps you can take to avoid or defend yourself in the event of a dog bite or attack.

  1. Avoid the Situation: You never know how a dog is going to react, whether you know him or her or not. Even if the dog has no prior history of aggressive behavior, any dog can react defensively to any sudden movements, stranger smells, people or situations the dog is uncertain about. Don't pet any dogs you don't know, don't approach or agitate any dogs especially when they are eating, are scared or confused.
  2. Distance Yourself from the Dog: When in the situation of encountering a dog, whether they are in attack-mode or staring at you and free of a leash or restraint, if possible, jump up on a car, fence or high-up platform that can distance you from the dog. Do not run, turn your back or close your eyes when in this situation. Stay alert, be loud, act big and confident.
  3. 1st Defense: If in the situation of a dog bite or attack, remember to never panic or run. Make sure you are able to cover your face, neck and look for objects to stand on or to shield yourself between you and the dog.
  4. Using Weapons or Objects: Be prepared, act defensively. Before you go on a walk, or jog, bring something you can defend yourself with in the case of a dog bite or attack. Pepper spray, pepper gel or mace can be carried with you in the e vent a dog attacks. It can also be helpful in the event of being mugged or targeted by humans. You can find Personal Defense Items that can help you prevent a dog attack in it's tracks. With all types and varieties of items for joggers, delivery people, hunters and so on. Do your research, and make sure you are prepared when a Rottweiler, other breed or animal attacks.
  5. Do Whatever It Takes: If time is going by, wounds and injuries are being inflicted, take any means necessary. When in a fight for your life, use anything you have to get to safety. Calling for help, fighting back, using weapons or objects to prevent the dog from continuing to attack.
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Why Should You Seek Medical Attention After a Rottweiler Attack?

Rottweilers, other dog breeds, as well as any animal has the possibility of encountering diseases which can alter their thought process, temperament and overall health and safety to other animals and humans. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), "rabies is a preventable disease, often transmitted through the bite of a rabid animal."

Even if you think you are okay or do not need to seek medical attention after you are bitten by your dog or a foreign unknown dog, seeking medical attention is crucial. As stated above, dogs and other animals have high chances of carrying all types of diseases and if that is not enough to get you to visit a clinic, emergency room or urgent care, dog bites can become infected and cause severe issues down the road if not properly taken care of.

If a dog bite goes untreated, infections can lead to loss of limbs, blood poisoning and even death.

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Documenting Your Rottweiler Dog Bite Injuries

Receiving medical attention also allows you to have your dog bite injuries documented. Not having proper or legitimate documentation of your injuries in association with the dog bite incident can cause major headaches later on in your case, and can even make or break your case.

Don't lose out on compensation, medical bill coverage and other aspects of winning your case when documenting your injuries is so easy to do.

Even if there are witnesses at the time of the dog attack, later on in the case, if you don't have documentation, it is going to be difficult for you to prove that all of your injuries were the result of the stated dog bite incident, and not a separate one possibly before or after.

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What It Takes to Win Your Rottweiler Dog Attack Case

Dog bites can be traumatic and an overall horrible experience. Many people have on-going issues and experience PTSD and other mental problems after a severe attack. You don't have to be a victim. With the right preparation and tools, compensation can be yours to help pay for medical bills, pain and suffering and so on:

  • Find medical attention
  • Have your injuries documented
  • Police report
  • Photos/video
  • Testimonies and contact information from eye-witnesses
  • Any evidence
  • Organization: Time, date, location, everyone involved, outline of what happened, what initiated the incident, etc.
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