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Tesla Model S Sedan Catches Fire in San Francisco Garage

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A Tesla Model S Sedan caught fire in a San Francisco garage around midnight May 3. According to a report on Business Insider, firefighters say they saw smoke near the vehicle’s rear right tire, although the vehicle was not charging. The fire was extinguished and the vehicle was removed from the garage. No one was injured. A Tesla representative said the automaker had not received any indication that issues with the vehicle caused the fire. Vehicle fires have become a point of contention for the electric vehicle manufacturer because of incidents that have occurred after collisions or in cases where vehicles have spontaneously combusted. This incident in San Francisco followed reports of another fire involving a parked Tesla Model S hat that occurred in Shanghai, also in a parking garage, in April

 . Tesla is investigating that incident as well.

Fire Danger with Electric Car

While Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has said his company’s vehicles are less likely to catch fire than gas-powered ones, data from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) suggests that might not be the case. The NFPA gives an example recently of an electric vehicle’s battery pack that caught fire after a fatal traffic crash in California.

Engineers removed some of the power cells and had the vehicle towed. The car’s lithium-ion battery reignited three times over the next six days. While gasoline fires require an ignition source, lithium batteries have their own ignition system. Once one battery catches fire, it could produce a chain reaction that ignites all other connected batteries. So, the NFPA has advised firefighters to use different tactics for electric vehicle fires and store these vehicles differently after crashes.

The Need for Prompt Action

These fires and the inherent dangers posed by electric vehicle batteries cause serious concern. Tesla has said it’s looking into the fires, but we hope federal officials will also consider what is causing parked vehicles to ignite. If there is a vehicle defect or design flaw that is causing this, the at-risk vehicles should be promptly recalled.

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