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Target Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Defective Potty Seats That Parents Say Cut Children’s Genitals

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More than a dozen families have joined a class action lawsuit brought against the manufacturers of the WeePOD potty-training seat and retailer, Target, which sold those products. According to a KABC news report, attorneys for the families say more than 15 toddlers have been injured by the seats. The father of one of the children said his 4-year-old son was injured when he tried lifting the child off the potty. Due to the design of the potty seats the boy’s genitals became stuck in the seat causing severe lacerations. In this child’s case, his dad says, there was “blood and skin everywhere.”

Products Still on Shelves

Prince Lionheart Incorporated, the manufacturer of these dangerous and defective products, has said it has made corrections to the seats to prevent such injuries. But, attorneys for the families say 500,000 of the defective seats are still being sold on store shelves. The lawsuit is asking for those seats to be removed from stores right away. While the company has modified the products, it is refusing to stop selling the defective products, attorneys say. Attorneys for Prince Lionheart have disagreed with the plaintiffs’ claims. Target also released a statement saying it values consumer safety and that the manufacturer is handling all issues relating to the lawsuit.

Other Lawsuits Filed

In June 2017, a family in Riverside County filed a lawsuit saying their son’s genitals became stuck to the device causing the boy’s penis to be lacerated and nearly dismembered. The complaint also alleged that the WeePOD, which is manufactured by Prince Lionheart Inc., was sold and marketed by Target stores as safe, even as both Lionheart and Target were made aware of additional complaints about the product dating back as far as 2015. A similar lawsuit was filed as far back as May 2015, when a Virginia mom reported a similar injury to her son’s genital area from using a WeePOD Basix potty seat purchased at Target.

Product Liability Issues

We hope parents suing Prince Lionheart and Target get justice for the horrific injuries and trauma their children have suffered. These products should have been taken off store shelves a long time ago. To allow these defective products to still be sold is unacceptable. If your child has been injured as a result of these potty seats, you may be able to file a product liability lawsuit seeking compensation for damages such as emergency room costs, medical expenses and pain and suffering. An experienced product defect lawyer can help you better understand your options.



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