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Los Angeles Police Urge Drivers to Stop Speeding as Speed-Related Crashes Surge

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The Los Angeles Police Department is urging motorists to slow down as speeding-related crashes continue to rise in the city amid the coronavirus pandemic. According to a KTLA news report, the vast majority of the more than 6,500 car accidents reported in the city thus far in 2020, have involved excessive speeds. That is a higher number compared to the same period last year, officials say. However, they noted that to date, there have been fewer deadlier crashes with 150 deaths reported this year. Police say while they are seeing a decrease in the number of fatal crashes, they are seeing an increase in severe crashes and those related to speed.

Dangers of Excessive Speed

Excessive speed on the city’s roadways became an issue after the coronavirus issued stay-at-home orders in March because fewer motorists hit the roads for their daily work commutes. Drivers traveling about 100 mph have been a problem not just on Los Angeles streets, but on freeways across California. Since April, the California Highway Patrol has seen an 87% increase in citations issued for motorists going at least 100 mph.

That’s a misdemeanor in the state and can lead to an arrest and the impounding of the person’s vehicle. Police are urging drivers to slow down because they say the potential for injuries is much greater, and the criminal consequences and civil penalties higher for collisions that involve speeding.

There are a number of distinct advantages to avoid speeding. First, you have less time to avoid a crash when you go faster. Also, when a crash occurs at a higher speed, more severe injuries and damages are likely. Finally, when you travel faster, you face greater civil and criminal penalties. LAPD advises motorists to allow extra time to get to their destinations so they can stay within the speed limits and get to their destination safely.

Liability Issues

Driving at an excessive or unsafe speed is also an act of negligence. If a speeding driver has injured you, you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries, damages and losses. Injured victims can seek compensation for damages such as medical expenses, lost income, hospitalization, cost of rehabilitation, permanent injuries, disabilities, pain and suffering and emotional distress. An experienced Los Angeles car accident lawyer can help you determine your legal rights and options.


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