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General Motors Recalls SUVs for Potentially Defective Seatbelts

General Motors Recalls SUVs for Potentially Defective Seatbelts

General Motors is recalling certain 2021 model SUVs with third-row seating because the seatbelts could potentially get damaged. According to Consumer Reports, the problem stems from outboard seatbelts that may have been misrouted or trapped behind the folding apparatus for the third-row seats during vehicle assembly. This could result in damaged seatbelts that could break during a crash increasing the risk of injury to the seat occupant.

The recall includes 94,641 SUVs and the affected models are from the 2021 model year, built before Nov. 18, 2020. Models that don’t have the third-row seat are not being recalled. When the recall begins May 3, dealerships will inspect the third-row outboard seatbelts, replace damaged belts and reroute them if necessary – all free of charge. For more information, contact GM at 800-458-8006.

The Danger of Seatbelt Defects

Seatbelt failure during a crash can lead to catastrophic injuries or fatalities. When a seat restraint system fails to work as intended, drivers could get thrown around the vehicle and suffer blunt force trauma, or worse, get partially or fully ejected from vehicles onto the roadway, where they could get run over by other vehicles. A seatbelt’s role in keeping vehicle occupants inside the vehicle can be critical, particularly in a violent crash such as a rollover where vehicle occupants could be partially or fully ejected.

Vehicle Accident Investigations

As California seatbelt defect attorneys, we understand the importance of accident investigations, especially when officials determine that the occupant was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash. In a number of cases we deal with, we find that the occupants were, in fact, wearing their seatbelts but were ejected because of seatbelt failure. During accident investigations, it is important to look for specific evidence that points to seatbelt use, such as bloodstains on the seatbelt or markings on the victim’s body.

Often, law enforcement agencies that investigate accident cases lack the specific knowledge, experience or resources to look into auto defects properly. This is why it is important for accident victims or their families to get in touch with an auto defect law firm, that has successfully investigated these types of cases and has the resources to ensure that the facts come out.


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