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Woman Says Vaginal Mesh Cut Her Internal Organs Like a Cheese Wire

Women in the UK Unite to Stop of the Use of Vaginal Mesh Devices

Susan Morgan, a 60-year-old mother of two, tells the Daily Mail that the pain she is suffering from receiving a transvaginal mesh implant is so severe that it feels like her internal organs are being cut by a cheese wire. Morgan has been left homebound after botched vaginal mesh surgery nearly a decade ago. The pain, she says, started immediately after the surgery and felt like a chemical burn. Morgan said she suffered pain so severe that she thought about committing suicide.

Unbearable Pain

The woman also says vaginal mesh ended her career and took her mobility away from her as she has been homebound for the last nine years. After the surgery, which she underwent to fix urinary incontinence so she could take ballroom dancing lessons, Morgan has now lost use of muscles in her bladder. She says she has developed swollen leg, urinary tract infections and has passed blood and “jugs of puss” as a result of the vaginal mesh. She had to be hospitalized as well.

Now, Morgan says she has just accepted the woman she has become, maimed and confined to her home, dependent on her two daughters. Morgan talked to the Mail about the kind of pain this defective medical device put her through. It is far worse than labor pains, she said. She suffered depression, lost bladder control, her sex life and her partner. What’s worse, she lost a decade of her life along with her “youth and womanliness.”

Dangerous and Defective Products

Vaginal mesh products are devices used by surgeons to treat conditions such as urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. Typically made from synthetic polypropylene, a type of plastic, the mesh implants are intend to shore up the vaginal wall. However, tens of thousands of women have now complained of severe pain, organ damage, nerve damage and pain so severe that they are unable to stand, sit or have sexual intercourse. A study by Case Western Reserve University found that up to 42 percent of patients experience complications after receiving the vaginal mesh implant. Of those patients, 77 percent report severe pain and 30 percent said they have a lost or reduced sex life.

Our product defect attorneys have represented a number of victims who have suffered terrible side effects and still continue to suffer due to these poorly designed products. Not only did manufacturers of vaginal mesh products make devices that injure and permanently harm women, but they also, for many years, misled patients into believing that this was a harmless procedure. We hope Morgan and other women who continue to suffer these horrific consequences get justice and that unscrupulous manufacturers who put dangerous and defective products in the market are held accountable.



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