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Please note: As of September 2023 we are no longer taking these types of cases. Please visit to fid a top-rated local attorney for your mesh case.

Injuries resulting from vaginal mesh products can be devastating. These medical implants serve an essential purpose, treating serious conditions such as pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence. But countless patients suffer serious side effects from mesh implants. It can be a sensitive subject, but you do not have to suffer in silence. A transvaginal mesh lawyer at Bisnar Chase can help.

Malfunctioning mesh complications include causing pain, infections, severe internal injuries, and lasting debilitating conditions.

At Bisnar Chase, we win transvaginal mesh lawsuits to ensure injury victims get justice and compensation for their suffering. Our team has a 99% success rate, securing major verdicts and settlements for victims of defective and dangerous medical devices.

Call (800) 561-4887 for a free consultation with no obligations to proceed unless you want to. You can also drop us an email or use our live chat to speak to a representative 24/7. Get the superior representation you deserve with Bisnar Chase.

Transvaginal Mesh Implant Legal Resources

What is Transvaginal Mesh?

A transvaginal mesh device is a medical implant. It is a small surgical net made from polypropylene and used to reinforce weak areas inside the body. Transvaginal refers to the method of inserting the mesh into the body.

Mesh products were first used in the 1950s by surgeons repairing hernia injuries. But their use evolved over the years. Medical manufacturers eventually created mesh devices to treat pelvic organ prolapse (POP) or stress urinary incontinence (SUI).

In both POP and SUI cases, the mesh is inserted into the patient surgically. The mesh supports organs in pelvic organ prolapse cases when the pelvic wall weakens.

When patients struggle with stress urinary incontinence, mesh products support the bladder and urethra to prevent unintentional urination. As a result, they provide one of the top treatments for urinary problems. These mesh implants are sometimes referred to as bladder slings.

These implants are inserted through the vagina and are sewn into place. The surgeries are labeled minimally invasive because they do not include large incisions. Doctors might refer to a mesh implant as a sling, biomesh, patch, or graft.

Pain and Suffering is a Way of Life for Transvaginal Mesh Victims

Video: The following video describes the brands and symptoms associated with having a vaginal mesh implant, including American Medical Systems, Bard, and Johnson & Johnson. Bleeding, urinary problems, roughness in the vagina, and severe pain and weakness are just some of the effects women have suffered.

Are Transvaginal Mesh Implants Safe?

The safety of a transvaginal mesh implant depends partly on the type of surgery it is used for.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) outlawed transvaginal mesh procedures for organ prolapse conditions in 2019. Watchdogs moved to ban the surgeries due to spiraling safety concerns. They said complications were too common.

However, the ban did not extend to mesh implants performed through abdominal incisions rather than vaginal entry. Mesh is also still approved to treat incontinence issues.

When you suffer severe side effects due to a mesh implant, you have the right to take legal action. This is true no matter what kind of procedure it is. Contact Bisnar Chase for a free case review now.

Transvaginal Mesh Complications: What Can Go Wrong?

We have spoken of severe side effects and complications caused by mesh devices. But what are those side effects?

Patients may suffer different side effects. They can range from mild discomfort to excruciating pain and debilitating issues. They include:

  • Unexpected discharge or bleeding.

  • Infections.

  • Chronic inflammation.

  • Bladder problems such as incontinence.

  • Pelvic swelling.

  • Regional pain.

  • Pain during sex.

  • Sharp prickling or stabbing sensation.

  • Organ perforation.

  • Vaginal scarring and further disfigurement.

  • Mesh erosion.

Some of these side effects can spread from the initial area. For example, some patients feel shooting pain heading toward their abdomen and legs.

In some cases, the effects can cause long-lasting impacts that affect the person’s quality of life. One particularly dangerous impact involves new tissue growing between the mesh, fusing the device to the tissue.

Complications with these implants might appear soon after a procedure. But it can also occur years after the surgery, long after a patient assumes that the implant was a success.

In many cases, damage done through transvaginal mesh complications can be hard to reverse, leaving patients with ongoing issues.

If you are suffering from any related conditions, contact your doctor immediately. Next, contact a transvaginal mesh attorney at Bisnar Chase to ensure your rights are protected.

Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit FAQs

We know that those suffering due to faulty mesh implants may be in extreme pain and might not know where to turn. Our law firm has dealt with enough of these cases to understand how tough a time this is.

Filing a mesh lawsuit can seem daunting. But our expert personal injury attorneys can guide you through the process to ensure you get the justice you deserve.

We want to put your mind at ease by answering any questions you might have. If you have questions that are not answered below, give us a call for further advice at no cost.

While some vaginal mesh devices have a high failure rate, many people do not experience issues. If you have one, you do not need to do anything unless you experience complications. Get regular checkups and be aware of the symptoms.

If you start to experience symptoms related to your pelvic mesh implant, consult a doctor to ensure your health is protected. Next, contact a transvaginal mesh attorney who will fight for your rights and hold the negligent manufacturer accountable.

The statute of limitations refers to how long you have to file a lawsuit. In most personal injury claims, you have two years. In mesh cases, you can first experience symptoms years after the surgery. For a mesh lawsuit, the clock starts running when you become aware of your symptoms.

The length of time it takes to resolve a claim varies by case. Some lawsuits take weeks, and others can take years. We cannot promise it will be over in a specific timeframe. But we can promise that our transvaginal mesh lawyers will handle every aspect of your claim and work tirelessly to ensure we get the best possible outcome for you.

Why Choose Bisnar Chase?

When you are looking to file a transvaginal mesh lawsuit, we believe that Bisnar Chase is the best firm for you.

If you are experiencing mesh complications, we are here to help. Whether it is a pelvic organ prolapse (POP) case or a result of a stress urinary incontinence (SUI) surgery, our attorneys have the skill and experience you need.

We have been there and done it when it comes to vaginal mesh claims. Our track record speaks for itself.

  • We have handled and won cases just like yours involving transvaginal mesh negligence.

  • Our team has a 99% success rate.

  • We offer a free consultation with no obligations and a no win, no fee guarantee.

  • Unlike other firms, we are easy to contact and keep you updated regularly.

  • Many lawyers refuse to go to trial to minimize risk. But our mesh litigation team is made up of trial attorneys. If we cannot reach a fair settlement, we will fight for your rights in court.

  • Our firm has the resources to take on the largest medical device manufacturers.

  • We have a track record of maximizing the value of our cases, securing the top verdicts and settlements possible, and winning more than $700 million to date.

  • Our firm has been running since 1978 and has a national reputation in product liability cases.

You need to work with vaginal mesh lawyers with the skill and experience to win your case. Contact us now for a free consultation with a top-rated attorney.

Mesh Lawsuits: What is Your Case Worth?

Surgical mesh complications have a drastic impact on victims. Many women suffer serious complications and endure long-term suffering.

But you have legal recourse. Our transvaginal mesh lawyers will work with you to launch a claim against the negligent manufacturer.

So, how much money do victims filing mesh lawsuits typically recover?

Each case is different and depends on specific factors. As a result, not every victim will get the same amount. These are some of the factors that impact the amount you could win:

  • Level of pain and suffering.

  • Medical bills and expenses, such as the cost of revision surgeries.

  • Impacted quality of life.

  • Lasting effects.

  • Punitive damages.

A vaginal mesh malfunction often leaves a lasting impact on victims. The revision surgeries to repair the damage alone are expensive and traumatic.

We believe that women should be able to fight back against negligent medical mesh manufacturers who have not taken proper care before bringing a potentially dangerous product to market.

 Let us fight for you and ensure you are properly compensated for your pain and suffering.

Vaginal Mesh Recalls

Though many women have suffered mesh complications and filed transvaginal mesh lawsuits, the number of device recalls in the U.S. is actually very low.

The first mesh device was called the ProteGen Sling. It was created by Boston Scientific in 1996 and used to treat SUI. But investigations uncovered high rates of mesh erosion issues, as well as infection and pain. In fact, 50% of patients suffered serious complications from the product.

Boston Scientific issued a recall in 1999 due to the high risk found. It received approval from the FDA due to its similarity to other mesh devices but only had limited testing.

While the ProtoGen Sling by Boston Scientific was recalled, several other products were based on its design. While mesh manufacturers have not issued any additional recalls, other devices have been discontinued.

In 2011, the FDA issued a warning over the use of transvaginal mesh to treat pelvic organ prolapse and banned the procedure entirely in 2019.

Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits: Verdicts and Settlements

In recent years, thousands of transvaginal mesh lawsuits have been filed against product manufacturers.

A mesh lawsuit first went to trial in 2012. Since then, many cases have resulted in massive verdicts. Mesh manufacturers have also paid out more than $8 billion in out-of-court settlements. Some of the most significant results include:

➤ First Trial Brings $11 Million Verdict

The first mesh case to go to trial ended in an $11 million jury verdict against Ethicon. The victim needed 18 revision surgeries due to her implant.

➤ $120 Million Verdict for Mesh Victim

The largest verdict to date saw a Philadelphia jury award $120 million to a TVT-O mesh victim. The amount included $100 million in punitive damages.

➤ $11.75 Million Settlement in California Mesh Class Action

A group of manufacturers paid $11.75 million in settlements to resolve a series of mesh claims in California in 2016.

Mesh lawsuits have been grouped into multidistrict litigation courts in some areas due to the sheer volume of cases. This allows them to be treated similarly to a class action lawsuit, judging many cases at once.

Some of the companies involved in transvaginal mesh lawsuits include Johnson & Johnson, Ethicon, Cook Medical, Boston Scientific, C.R. Bard, Coloplast, Endo Pharmaceuticals, and American Medical Systems.

At Bisnar Chase, we firmly believe that victims should work with expert personal injury lawyers to hold manufacturers accountable.

Vaginal Mesh Statistics

The statistics paint a frightening picture when it comes to vaginal mesh complications.

  • About 300,000 women had sling implants for pelvic organ prolapse in 2010, before the FDA banned the procedure.

  • 250,000 women had the surgical mesh fitted for SUI in 2010.

  • The pelvic mesh was used for POP cases for more than 20 years.

  • One study discovered mesh complications in 15-25% of POP cases.

  • About 4 million women have vaginal mesh devices. About 5% of those cases feature complications, from mesh erosion to vaginal scarring.

Our transvaginal mesh attorneys are on hand to fight for your rights if you are the victim of a defective medical device.

Contact the Best Transvaginal Mesh Lawyer Near Me

For many years, our law firm has handled pelvic mesh lawsuits for POP and stress urinary incontinence complications.

Doctors use these devices to treat serious conditions. But the results are devastating when the devices do not work as intended or are not tested properly due to manufacturer negligence. Thousands of women have suffered from mesh device side effects.

If you have started to suffer complications, our attorneys are here to help. We have secured massive settlements for our clients to cover their medical bills and compensate them for their pain and suffering.

You do not have to suffer in silence, and you are not alone. Contact Bisnar Chase and trust us with your case.

Call a transvaginal mesh lawyer at Bisnar Chase at (800) 561-4887 today. You can also send us an email or speak to a representative at any time through our live chat.

Defective Medical Products Attorneys

  • Medical devices and implants are developed to improve lives. Devices are tested and regulated to ensure they are safe but can be prone to failure and complications.
  • Common medical device failures involve vaginal mesh injuries and hip replacements.
  • Problems and complications are often caused by issues in the design, manufacturing, or testing phases. Product liability lawyers typically take on these types of cases.
  • If you or a loved one have suffered as a result of a medical device defect, know your rights and contact an attorney today. Our firm has recovered $800M and has a 99% success rate.

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