Bisnar Chase Files Class Actions in Connection with Two Major Recent Data Breach Cases

Quest Diagnostics Data Breach May Have Compromised 12 Million Patients' Personal Information

The Newport Beach consumer rights law firm of Bisnar Chase has filed class actions in connection with two large data breach cases that were recently reported. One involved Quest Diagnostics, the nation’s largest lab testing company, which reported a massive data breach involving about 12 million consumers’ personal information including medical information, financial information (bank account numbers and credit card numbers) and personal information such as Social Security numbers. Consumers’ crucial information was accessed through the American Medical Collection Agency’s (AMCA) system by unauthorized parties between Aug. 1, 2018 and March 30, 2019.

The other major data breach involved First American Title Company in Santa Ana, a Fortune 500 company that leaked more than 885 million documents and records relating to mortgage deals going back more than 15 years. The breach leaked digitized records including bank account numbers and statements, Social Security numbers, driver’s license images, mortgage and tax records and wire transaction receipts, which were all available to anyone with a Web browser.

Class Actions Filed in Southern California

Bisnar Chase has filed the class action against Quest Diagnostics, AMCA and Optimum360 Services Inc. was filed in U.S. District Court on behalf of a Riverside County resident who has sustained losses as a result of identity theft from this data breach and is at further risk of identity theft and fraud. The plaintiff said she would not have used Quest’s services had she known that the company would not take adequate security measures to protect consumers’ precious personal, private and sensitive information.

Bisnar Chase filed the class action against First American on behalf of an Orange County man who obtained a title search and purchased title insurance for his Westminster home from First American. The lawsuit states the plaintiff has already suffered financial losses and has been forced to purchase credit monitoring. In addition, he had paid a fee to First American for data security. The plaintiff said he would not have used First American had he known the company would expose his personal and sensitive information online in a manner that would be easily accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.

Companies Need to Protect Consumers

Both of these companies had a duty and obligation to consumers who trusted them with their personal, private and sensitive information. Consumers face real consequences including identity theft and financial losses as a result of these data breaches. Despite the technology and resources available to secure this type of information and prevent data breaches, these companies have neglected to protect consumers’ information. The consumer attorneys at Bisnar Chase are determined to hold these companies accountable for their negligence. We hope that these class actions will motivate companies to better protect information at a time when even a single breach can lead to serious financial losses and continuing headaches for unsuspecting consumers.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of identity theft or fraud, and have sustained financial losses as a result of these or other data breaches, please contact the consumer attorneys at Bisnar Chase (877) 958-8092 for a free consultation.

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