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Bakersfield Auto Defect Lawyers

Bakersfield auto defect lawyers

Car manufacturers have the responsibility to keep you safe by providing a properly made vehicle. The Bakersfield Auto Defect Lawyers of Bisnar Chase believe that if you are catastrophically injured due to the negligence of an auto corporation, you deserve to be 100% compensated.

Bisnar Chase’s attorneys have collected over $650 million dollars in earning for victims of auto defects and for 40 years, have held a 99% success rate in winning injury cases. Our legal team aims to give you excellent client service and continually keep you updated on what is happening with your case.

When you call Bisnar Chase at 949-203-3814 you will receive a free consultation with one of our legal experts. If car companies do not manufacturer an automobile correctly you should not have to pay for their carelessness.

Call now to obtain more information on what our auto defect attorneys can do for you.

Auto Defects You Can Sue for in Bakersfield, California

When you drive off a dealership with a brand-new car in Kern county, you expect that all parts of the vehicle are working correctly. When a car fails to protect you or your family in your time of need then you can be the victim of the grave consequences that follow. Millions of Southern California drivers are injured or suffer from a wrongful death due to auto defects. Many motorists are left with the thought of wondering if they have the right to sue due to a manufacturer error.

Below are the five common auto defects that victims suffer major injuries from:

  1. Airbags: The National Highway and Traffic Safety Commission reported that there have been over eight million airbag defects. The prominent brand that has had the most airbag defects is Takata. Takata has had exponentially more recalls than any other supplier due to airbags being faulty. Bakersfield auto defect attorneys The cause for the airbags being defective is the chemical that is NOT being implemented that allows the bag to expand. What should be added to the airbag is a chemical drying agent to accompany the ammonium nitrate-based propellant. When the drying agent is not added this can harshly explode and cause extreme bodily harm to a driver. Factors such as high or cold temperatures and age make the driver increasingly vulnerable to this error.
  2. Brakes: Having properly manufactured brakes can prevent you from getting into an accident and can even save your life. Unfortunately, though, defective brakes are a common cause of fatalities in car accidents. Even though it is the duty of the automaker to ensure that your brakes are in perfect condition, if they do not there are ways you can easily tell if your brakes are defected. Important signals to pay attention to are your brake lights, any squeaking when you brake and any wobbling or vibration.
  3. Unexpected acceleration: When a driver experiences a heightened acceleration by just being sedentary or pushing the pedal lightly this is known as unintended acceleration. In recent years, Toyota has been the main automaker that has been reported to have the most deaths and injuries due to unintended acceleration. Over 9.3 million recalls have been accounted for and many have stated that because Toyota did not react fast enough when problems were raised, many fatalities could have been prevented. The main reason why many Toyota drivers experienced unexpected acceleration was due to “sticky gas pedals”. Other causes that contribute to unintended acceleration can be misapplication of pedals, pedals being irresponsive or throttle that is stuck.
  4. Engines exploding: Car engines are made to completely contain all explosions. Where the explosion can take place is in the design. If the design allows the energy to be released outside of the engine it can cause a combustion. What is supposed to make sure the energy is not released is the cylinder being properly bolted. If the bolts are loosened all at once then this can send scraps of metal flying everywhere. If your engine is overheating as well, this can cause a engine to crack making the energy able to be dispersed.
  5. Defective tires: Tires that are improperly manufactured can cause either a flat or worse an unexpected blowout. There are various reasons that a tire can be defective. Elements that can wear a tire easily can be if a car does not have the correct tire suited for it or the tread is separating. When the tread of tires starts separating then this can release air over time. Maintenance is very important when preventing a tire blowout. Courses of actions you can take to maintain the wellness of your tire could be something as small as checking your tire pressure once a month.

Liability for Defective Auto Parts

Knowing who you can go after for an accident for faulty car parts can be better determined by a Bakersfield auto defect lawyer. The car manufacturer is not the sole entity to blame when a car defect is involved in an accident in some cases.

Car companies often employ different corporations to supply car parts such as engines, airbags and tires. Accidents arise if significant pieces of the car are not up to par. Another liable party that can be held accountable for the injuries you have obtained in a car wreck can be the company that is handling the shipment of the vehicles. Vehicles are required to be properly maintained during shipment to ensure the safety of drivers.

The California Lemon Law states that “a vehicle manufacturer that is unable to repair a vehicle to conform to the manufacturer’s express warranty after a reasonable number of repair attempts to replace or repurchase the vehicle.” Car manufacturers are required to adhere to these regulations and make themselves vulnerable if they not meet these standards for consumer protection.

The Bakersfield auto defect attorneys of Bisnar Chase understand that all parties that are involved in the shipping and manufacturing of a car should thoroughly check if the vehicle is drivable and safe for its operators. Any mistakes or negligence made on these parties should be held liable for injuries and deaths of drivers. If you have had a family member experience a wrongful death or catastrophic injuries due to a car company or suppliers negligence call the law firm of Bisnar Chase today. When you contact us, you are guaranteed a free case analysis from one of our top-notch legal team members.

What To Do If You Been Involved In a Bakersfield Auto Defect Accident

High-quality legal representation is what you need to earn compensation for your losses. Trial lawyer Brian Chase has been specializing in auto defect cases for decades and says that it is his passion to fight for accident victims of a car manufacturer negligence.

"I specifically went to law school to become a personal injury trial attorney. It is what I love, what I do, and what I am”, states Chase.

Brian Chase is highly equipped with the knowledge you need to succeed in your auto defect case. With two books published and certified to teach a course on “How to Identify Auto Defect Cases”, Brian Chase has proven to be one of the best attorneys you want on your side. Auto defect attorneys in Bakersfield

Call 949-203-3814 and let the law firm of Bisnar Chase help you hold the wrongdoers accountable. You, your family and fellow drivers involved in the accident should not have to experience pain and suffering anymore.

Contact the law offices of Bisnar Chase to earn a free case evaluation.


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