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California Roof Crush Injury Lawyers

roof crush injury lawyers

A roof crush accident involves the top of a vehicle buckling during a rollover accident and collapsing inward. Manufacturer error is usually responsible for these crush accidents. If you or a loved one suffer serious injuries due to a car roof collapsing on impact, you need a vehicle roof crush injury lawyer on your side.

Bisnar Chase has built a national reputation for taking on negligent car makers. Our team takes on the largest auto corporations and wins.

  • We have a 99% success rate.

  • More than $750 Million won for our clients.

  • Experience with auto defect cases, including roof crush and rollovers.

  • Involved in multiple complicated roof crush and vehicle rollover cases.

A weak vehicle roof without proper reinforcement can put drivers and passengers in great danger. It leaves people vulnerable to catastrophic injuries in the event of a crash. Contact an experienced attorney at Bisnar Chase today for a free consultation. We provide superior representation and can win the compensation you deserve.

Roof Crush Accident Resources

What are Roof Crush Accidents?

Auto accidents can cause all kinds of damage to the vehicles involved. But one of the most dangerous forms of damage involves the roof collapsing into the passenger compartment. This is called a roof crush incident.

Roof crushes typically happen during a rollover accident, when the vehicle flips and the top makes contact with the ground.

A well-made vehicle should be able to stand up to this kind of impact. But sub-par roofs without proper reinforcement can collapse under pressure.

A roof collapse could involve the structure caving in on the vehicle occupants. This can cause vehicle doors to break open, windows and windscreens to shatter, and headroom to disappear.

Wearing a seat belt can protect you to some degree during a rollover, but you are still in danger if the roof collapses inward.

When the car roof structure caves in, it can collapse into the vehicle occupants. The accident could even completely sever a sub-par roof.

Why Do Roof Collapse Accidents Happen?

There are several potential reasons for a vehicle roof caving in on impact. The most common include:

  • Poor quality materials.

  • No reinforcement.

  • Bad design.

  • Manufacturing issue.

When it comes to a vehicle’s roof, the manufacturers have a duty of care to their customers. They must design, build, and rigorously test every model they sell.

Specific weak points sometimes found on vehicles include:

  • Understrength materials  used for the roof itself. Cheap or defective materials will not have the fortitude to withstand an impact.

  • Lack of roof reinforcement. Car makers are required to meet strict safety standards. Any designs must meet those regulations.

  • Weak pillars. The pillars join the roof to the car’s body, but they could fail if placed in the wrong location or built poorly.

  • Manufacturing errors. Mistakes made during construction or assembly can lead to an unsafe car.
  • Center of gravity. Some vehicles are too tall or unbalanced. They may be more likely to roll, making a high-impact roof crush more likely.

As you can see, many potential causes of roof crush injuries are manufacturer failings. You need to work with a personal injury lawyer with the skill and experience to beat the automotive giants.

The Dangers of Defective Car Roofs

Enduring a roof collapse in a car or van is extremely dangerous. Vehicle occupants are vulnerable to severe injuries and worse when the protective structure of the car or van is compromised.

Drivers and passengers are at significant risk of physical harm, including:

  • Broken bones.

  • Crushed limbs.

  • Head and neck injuries.

  • Internal injuries, including ruptured organs and blood loss.

  • Amputations.

  • Spinal cord injuries.

  • Traumatic brain injuries.

  • Death.

Many of these injuries are catastrophic and can greatly affect a victim’s quality of life. Many roof crush accidents result in fatalities due to the severity of impacts.

The victim’s family could file a wrongful death lawsuit against negligent parties in such a case. Our law firm can help you hold those responsible accountable.

Car Roof Crush Resistance Standards

The structural integrity of a vehicle is so important in the event of a car accident. The roof is a vital part of that structure.

That is why there are strict quality and strength standards for most vehicles.

The idea behind these rule upgrades is to prevent the roof of a vehicle from caving in after a rollover that leaves it resting upside down.

The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 216 (FMVSS 216) sets national laws for roof crush resistance. Agencies such as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) can conduct technical tests to check how effective a car roof is.

But even with these laws and tests in place, accidents still happen. When someone suffers an injury due to an auto defect, such as a weak roof, you need personal injury lawyers with skill, experience, and outstanding track records on your side.

How Common are Roof Crush Accidents?

For a vehicle roof to cave in, it must be subject to a reasonable amount of force. For instance, an object could fall onto the top of a car. But by far, the most likely scenario is a car overturning and landing on its roof.

Rollover accidents occur due to a variety of reasons. These include:

  • Speeding.

  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • Poor weather conditions, such as heavy rain and slippery road surfaces.

  • Bad road conditions.

  • Tire blowouts.

  • The type of vehicle.

  • A defective vehicle design.

As mentioned above, strict standards are in place for most vehicles. These should keep drivers and passengers safe from car structure failures.

But that is not always the case. For example, some vehicles are exempt from these standards. Others may involve faulty material, design, or manufacturing processes.

Clearly, there are still dangers judging by the statistics.

  • NHTSA says that about 7,000 people are killed or suffer catastrophic injuries every year due to cave-ins caused by rollovers.

Many critics say that the tests do not truly represent the forces seen in actual crashes. The strength standards should also be higher.

Anyone suffering injuries in a roof-related accident should contact Bisnar Chase now for expert legal advice.

Product Liability: Who Do You Sue?

Many injury victims will look to file a claim against the at-fault driver when they suffer injuries in a car accident.

In most cases, that is the correct course of action. You file a claim against the negligent party and will usually receive compensation through their insurance policy.

However, product liability cases involving auto defects are a bit different.

If a defective roof contributed in any way to your injuries, you could also name the vehicle manufacturers in a personal injury lawsuit.

Automakers have a duty of care to buyers. Car safety standards are in place for a reason, to keep you safe in a crash. If a vehicle collapses around you, there may be a case for manufacturer negligence.

The best law firms for auto defect cases, such as Bisnar Chase, will examine the evidence in your case and identify any auto defect dangers.

Holding Manufacturers Accountable

Why is it important to sue the vehicle manufacturer if your car has a dangerous defect? There are several reasons.

  • They are responsible. They owe a duty of care to consumers who trust manufacturers. When their negligence causes harm, they should pay.

  • It can highlight dangerous elements and design flaws. Sometimes, auto defects go undiscovered until something goes wrong.

  • Force manufacturers to make vehicles safer. Some issues might be isolated, but other defects may be present in entire product lines. Highlighting faults and flaws will force car makers to fix them.

  • It can result in more compensation. As you would expect, a lawsuit against a negligent auto company has a greater potential for compensation than a claim against an individual’s insurance policy.

Filing a lawsuit against a negligent vehicle maker can shine a light on dangerous situations. It may make the world a safer place.

It also offers victims the best chance of complete compensation. Auto manufacturers are part of a rich industry. They should not be allowed to cut corners to maximize their profits while putting others in danger.

Why You Need a Roof Crush Accident Attorney

The California legal system can be tough to navigate. We strongly believe that working with an experienced personal injury attorney is absolutely essential for accident victims.

First, you need to know whether you have an auto defect case. This is tough without an expert examining your evidence. If you have a case, that’s when the hard work starts.

We know one thing for sure. If you file a lawsuit against an automaker, they will have a large legal team working on their defense. They have endless resources and do not like to lose money or admit fault.

You need a top-rated representative on your side to fight for your rights. The right attorney will:

  • Assess your injuries and help you find appropriate medical treatment.

  • Apply expert knowledge of federal safety standards to determine the strength of your claim.

  • Test your vehicle and assemble evidence supporting your case.

  • Secure expert testimonies.

  • Provide a trusting attorney/client relationship to support and guide you at every stage.

  • Negotiate hard for the best settlement possible.

  • If necessary, take the case to trial and fight for you in the courtroom.

Accident victims who suffer roof crush injuries call Bisnar Chase. Our law firm has an outstanding track record with car defect claims. Contact us now for free legal advice and unparalleled representation.

What To Do After a Roof Crush Accident

Rollover accidents can be extremely traumatic. We recommend taking several steps after an accident to protect your well-being and support any future legal claim.

  • Treatment: Depending on the accident’s severity, you might require medical emergency attention. But even if you do not think your injuries are that bad, you still need to get checked out. We need to be able to show the impact the accident had on you.

  • Evidence: Take as many pictures of the accident scene and your injuries as possible. Speak to witnesses, collect their details, and write down your account of what happened. If you cannot do so, you could ask someone else to do it for you.

  • Preserve the vehicle: In a product liability case, preserving the car for our experts to examine is very important. Contact Bisnar Chase for more information on how to do so.

The best law firms will work with you to build a strong case, combining the information and evidence you provide with our own investigations and analysis.

Our Top Settlements and Verdicts

You need to feel confident in the abilities of the car accident lawyers you choose to work with. We are proud of our track record. Our top results in vehicular product liability cases include:

  • $32,698,073: Auto Liability – Seat Manufacturers

  • $24,744,764: Auto Liability – Seatback Failure

  • $14,443,205: Auto Product Liability

  • $12,248,000: Auto Defect

  • $10,200,000: Auto Negligence

These are just a few of our top results. You can see why automakers fear going up against our team. Please phone or email Bisnar Chase today for a free case review to see if we can help you too.

What is Your Roof Crush Case Worth?

At Bisnar Chase, we take great pride in maximizing the value of every case. But how much is your case going to be worth?

The easy answer is that every case is different. For example, a rollover accident involving a roof crush and catastrophic injuries will generally lead to a more significant recovery than an incident involving minor injuries.

Some of the factors that influence a compensatory amount include:

  • Pain and suffering.

  • Medical expenses.

  • Lost wages.

  • Ongoing physical disabilities.

  • Rehabilitation and care costs.

  • Property damage.

  • Wrongful death.

  • Punitive damages.

A payout can include anything from reimbursement of medical costs to punitive damages designed to punish the negligent auto company.

Contact our law firm today for a more accurate estimate of what your claim could be worth.

Roof Crush Accident FAQs

We want you to be fully informed about the legal process before signing on with our law firm.

If you have further questions, please give us a call or send an email today. Our team is happy to help.

If you suffer injuries in a rollover accident involving some degree of structural collapse, you could have a case. Contact us for an expert assessment.

Usually, a car might be towed after an accident. Find out where it is being taken, request that it is left intact, and contact Bisnar Chase. If you have a case, we can help move the car to a secure area for examination.

Claims can take anywhere between a few months and several years. The timeframe is always longer if it goes to trial. But we will work to resolve your case as quickly as possible while ensuring a fair settlement or verdict.

Our attorneys work on contingency. We advance the costs needed to win your case, so you pay nothing out of pocket. Bisnar Chase offers a no win no fee promise to protect our clients. If we don’t win, you owe nothing.

Contact the Best Roof Crush Injury Lawyer Near Me

The best law firms offer something beyond promises of compensation. At Bisnar Chase, we are proud of our track record. But we are also proud to have earned a reputation as a firm that truly cares about its clients. We offer:

  • A free consultation.

  • No win, no fee terms.

  • A 99% success rate.

  • More than $750 Million won.

  • In business since 1978 – more than four decades of experience.

  • Easy to contact – a trusting attorney/client relationship.

  • An unparalleled commitment to our clients.

  • Outstanding reviews and awards show the quality of our work.

Rollover accidents and car roof defects cause extreme injuries and lasting damage. But Bisnar Chase can help, and we have 5 locations in California to make a meeting with an attorney convenient.

Contact an expert roof crush accident lawyer now. Call (800) 561-4887, use our website live chat, or send us an email today for a free consultation with no obligations.

CA. Roof Crush Defect Attorneys

  • Cars without reinforced roofs can be much more dangerous in a rollover accident. The top of the car can crush inwards, leading to major injury or death.
  • 15 Passenger Vans are some of the most likely vehicles to roll over and experience roof crushes. Be careful when driving these dangerous vehicles.
  • If you or a loved one have suffered an injury, know your rights and contact a California roof crush attorney today. We may be able to get you the compensation you deserve.
  • We have won over $750 Million in verdicts and settlements.
  • Our firm is committed to public safety and holding corporate giants accountable.
  • A team of California roof crush attorneys who are dedicated and compassionate.
  • Serving California since 1978.
  • Roof crush injury attorneys in the Inland Empire 

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