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Bakersfield Personal Injury Lawyers

The city of Bakersfield is one of the fastest growing communities in the United States. The population was estimated at 328,692 as of 2008, making it the 11th largest city in California and the 58th largest city in the United States, according to U.S. Census estimates.

Like any growing, heavily populated area, the increased activity of the citizens of Bakersfield leads to increased instances of serious personal injury.

The top Bakersfield personal injury attorneys at Bisnar Chase specialize in complex and economically significant Central Valley personal injury litigation throughout California.

Know Your Rights

Brian Chase discussing how he and the staff at Bisnar Chase have a deep level of compassion for our clients and how we work collectively to make their recovery an easier process.

Whether you were injured in an automobile crash, a slip and fall accident, a truck accident or a dog bite attack, our experienced California car accident lawyers at Bisnar Chase can help defend your rights to compensation under the law.

Auto Accidents in Bakersfield

Auto accidents in Bakersfield, especially Kern County, are a serious issue in and around the metropolitan area. Truck drivers hauling loads and tourists traveling with families often find themselves sharing the same highways in and around Bakersfield, often using the city as a rest stop as they travel to and from San Francisco and Los Angeles. As the highways become more congested, things like inclement weather, driver fatigue, and negligent driving can result in catastrophic injury on Bakersfield roadways.

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If you are in need of a Kern County personal injury lawyer, please call us now at 949-203-3814. This is a free, no-obligation call and you may be entitled to compensation. We will review your case for free and if we lose, you won't have to pay a cent!

Bakersfield and Kern County residents only pay after we win your case. Our Bakersfield personal injury attorneys are committed to delivering you justice and we will fight for you Kern County!

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