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Do I have a case for my auto defect?

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California Auto Defect Lawyers

Automakers recalled over 250 Million cars in the past 2 decades for potentially fatal defects that could cause serious injuries or death at any time. Anyone who has been injured because of an auto defect like this deserves to be compensated by the car manufacturer that allowed the defect that caused their injuries to remain in their cars.

A Strong Legal Team to Fight Auto Defects

It is important to remember that automakers are large corporations that have high-powered legal defense teams at their beck and call. Anyone who intends to fight these corporations cannot and should not do it alone. If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective auto part or a vehicle defect, you need a renowned auto defect lawyer on your side who will fight for your rights every step of the way.

You need a law firm that has the motivation and resources to conduct independent investigations and testing. You need a strong team of auto defect lawyers who are on a mission to hold wrongdoers accountable and make the world a safer place for consumers.

A Troubling Picture

Automakers recalled as many vehicles as they sold in the year 2012. According to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and other media reports, the auto industry sold around 14.5 million vehicles in 2012, which was a 13 percent increase over the previous year.

However, they also recalled more than 14.3 million current and past vehicle models during the same year. This is an amazing statistic because it highlights the number of vehicles out on our roadways that are defective or have faulty parts in them. There are millions more vehicles that have not been recalled despite having defective parts in them.

As vehicles are being recalled in larger numbers due to various manufacturing defects and design flaws, it is very important that consumers are aware of vehicle safety and defective auto recalls. That said, automakers have a duty of care to consumers to manufacture safe and reliable vehicles. Unfortunately, we have seen evidence for decades that automakers, sometimes deliberately, choose to disregard that duty and recklessly endanger the lives of millions of people who buy their vehicles and make them profitable as corporations.

Examples of Defective Auto Parts

Devastating injuries can occur whenever an auto part fails to work properly and a vehicle malfunctions. Automakers are required to put their vehicles through rigorous testing before putting them on the market. But, often, automakers put profits before consumer safety. As a result, they install substandard parts in the vehicle to boost profits. The quality of the auto parts and safety features in a vehicle significantly affect its crash-worthiness - which is the ability of a vehicle to protect its occupants in the event of a crash.

Some of the most common vehicle defects that cause car accidents and spur recalls involve:

  • Tires: A tire blowout can be extremely dangerous. When a defective tire undergoes tread separation at freeway speeds, the vehicle may veer out of control or roll over. In such cases it may be very difficult even for an experienced driver to regain control of the vehicle.
  • Seat belts: Whenever a passenger is ejected from a vehicle, it must be determined if he or she was wearing a seatbelt that failed to work properly.
  • Car seats: When an infant or booster seat is defective, there is the potential for serious injuries to young children.
  • Seat-backs: A flimsy or defective seat-back may collapse and cause the vehicle occupant to get thrown around in the vehicle. This often results in catastrophic injuries.
  • Brakes: It is extremely dangerous to operate a vehicle that does not have properly working brakes.
  • Accelerator Pedals: There have been a number of recalls lately involving accelerator pedals that stick and remain depressed, causing sudden acceleration or unintended acceleration.
  • Airbags: A defective airbag can either fail to protect the driver during an accident or suddenly inflate and cause serious injuries to vehicle occupants.
  • Vehicle rollovers: Defective vehicle design could increase the propensity of vehicle rollovers. For example, older-model SUVs and passenger vans are particularly prone to rolling over because of their top-heavy design.

auto defectsIt is important for all California motorists to stay abreast of recalls and investigations. When there have been a number of similar complaints about a specific vehicle or part, the manufacturer may have to conduct an investigation.

In some cases, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) will step in to conduct an independent investigation and/or an engineering analysis. If the investigation results in the determination that the auto part is defective, a recall will be initiated.

What Makes a Part Defective?

A defective product fails to execute the task it was designed to perform. There are many reasons why an auto part can become defective. Some parts have a defective design that makes them prone to breaking or malfunctioning. Parts that are poorly designed can fail even when they are assembled correctly. In other cases, auto parts are poorly built. Manufacturing defects typically involve a limited number of parts that were built at a specific plant for a short period of time when the required specifications were not followed.

Proving that a Part is Defective

It is absolutely vital to your case that your vehicle is preserved for a complete and thorough inspection. Resist the temptation to repair or get rid of your car. In fact, the vehicle is the most important piece of evidence in an auto defect case. An expert will be able to thoroughly analyze the vehicle for defects, malfunctions and other evidence when it is preserved in its original state unaltered.

In order to have a successful auto defect claim against an auto manufacturer, you will have to prove that:

  • The auto part was defective in some way;
  • That the faulty product resulted in the accident and or injuries;
  • You suffered a physical, financial or emotional loss as a result of the defect.

Finding The Right Lawyer

Not every personal injury lawyer specializes in auto defects and especially those caused by serious defects like unintended acceleration and seat-back failure. These defects can cause serious and catastrophic injuries that change a family forever. Our auto defect lawyers have taken on big cases and won. We have collected over $250M in settlements and verdicts and have the resources to take on some of the toughest cases. Contact us today for a free case review to find out if you have a case. The advice is free and the outcome may be priceless.

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Auto Defect Lawyers

  • Automakers often negligently sell cars that have defects that can lead to injuries or death:
  • Sudden Acceleration: A car can accelerate to full speed without pressing the gas pedal and may not be able to be stopped by the brakes
  • Rollovers: Weak car roofs can increase the risk of injury in a rollover accident
  • Airbag Failure: Consumers expect their airbag to protect them in a crash, and passengers can be injured terribly if the airbag does not go off in the event of a crash.
  • Seatbelt Failure: Defective seatbelts can click into position but then release when jolted suddenly, offering no protection in a car crash.
  • Seat Back Failure: Many car seats are made cheaply and can break in the event of a rear-end accident, leading to head injuries for the driver or a passenger behind them.
  • If you or a loved one have suffered as a result of an auto defect, know your rights and contact an attorney today. We may be able to get you the compensation you deserve.
  • Over $250M in verdicts and settlements.
  • Firm commitment to public safety and holding corporate giants accountable.
  • A team of auto defect attorneys who are dedicated and compassionate.
  • Serving California since 1978.


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