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California Assault and Battery Attorneys

California Assault and Battery Lawyers

Please note: Bisnar Chase does not take all assault cases as there are many levels to an assault case and all may not qualify for compensation. Since we do not take on criminal cases, we are only able to assist those seeking monetary compensation, not criminal prosecution. We can let you know immediately after consulting with us if we are able to help you.

If you have been threatened or harmed in an assault or attack, Bisnar Chase can help you fight for justice. Our California assault and battery lawyers are experts in securing compensation for injury victims.

Assaults can be traumatic and result in physical injuries, lasting anxiety, and emotional scarring. If you have suffered assault and battery injuries, you do not have to simply wait and hope that your attacker is hit with criminal charges. You can take civil action with Bisnar Chase.

Our assault attorneys can provide expert legal help and guidance in filing a claim in California. We offer a ‘No Win, No Fee’ promise and have an outstanding 99% success rate. Contact us now for a free consultation.

Civil v Criminal Assault Cases

A single act of assault can lead to both criminal charges and a civil lawsuit. But there are big differences between the two, and the assault attorneys at Bisnar Chase specialize in civil injury claims.

Criminal assault charges occur when the attacker is arrested by police and then prosecuted by the state, with the case presented to a judge or jury in criminal court.

However, regardless of criminal status, assault and battery victims can still seek justice through a civil lawsuit. With a civil claim, the victim – known as the plaintiff – is in control and can sue for damages.

A successful civil case will force the attacker to pay financial compensation to the victim. Working with a top-rated California lawyer for assault and battery cases will give victims the best chance of securing the justice and compensation they deserve.

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The Difference Between Assault and Battery

When you are suing for assault and battery damages, it is important to know what each term means. They both have distinct definitions revolving around the unlawful use of force, and many cases involve both assault and battery claims.

  • Assault
    An assault is the wrongful threat of force, which causes the victim to fear being harmed. Essentially, this refers to aggressive or intimidating actions against another person, without necessarily involving physical contact, according to California Penal Code 240.

  • Battery
    Battery is an extension of assault, but refers specifically to unwanted physical contact. It is the intentional act of physical abuse, force, or violence (without the consent of the victim) which causes harm. This is outlined in California Penal Code 242.

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Do You Have an Assault Case?

Sometimes it is hard to know whether you have a legitimate case, or whether it is worth taking legal action against an attacker.

It can depend on a variety of factors, including the circumstances surrounding the incident and the severity of the victim’s injuries.

If you need legal guidance, contact Bisnar Chase now. We will provide you with a free case analysis and expert advice to help you make the right choice. Our California assault and battery attorneys are personal injury specialists.

Types of assault can include:

  • Aggressive and intimidating behavior
  • Physical abuse and battery
  • Sexual assault
  • Assault with a weapon
  • Domestic violence
  • Physical harm resulting in wrongful death

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Who is Liable in Physical Assault Cases?

When you sue for assault, all lawsuits are likely to name the aggressor as liable due to their violent or intimidating actions. However, some assault and battery claims may also target additional parties.

If an incident happens on private property, such as at a hotel, the owners may be named in the lawsuit for failing to provide a safe environment. In addition, if the culprit was working at the time of the attack, their employers may share some responsibility.

In many cases, assault and battery lawsuits are filed against celebrities and other high-profile figures. Sometimes these are frivolous lawsuits, filed in the hopes of making money off public figures who want to avoid negative media attention.

However, many legitimate claims are also made against celebrities. These are high-profile figures who often feel as though they can act without consequences, and have the finances to pay the compensation ordered of them.

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Assault and Battery Case Examples

Below are just a few of the high-profile civil cases which have called on the expertise of expert assault lawyers, in California and across the U.S., in recent years.

Rapper Lil Wayne, who was sued for assault by a bouncer in 2017.

Rapper Lil Wayne was sued in 2017 by a nightclub bouncer after a brawl in Los Angeles, CA. The bouncer was working at the Hyde Sunset in Hollywood when Lil Wayne and his entourage were drinking at the venue. The victim claims that he was punched, had a drink thrown in his face, and was verbally abused by Lil Wayne. He sued the rapper for assault, battery, and inflicting distress, as well as racially motivated abuse.

A security guard working for Chance the Rapper is facing an assault lawsuit after allegedly launching a violent attack against a man in a hotel. The lawsuit claims the security guard – named Star Thomas – first prevented the victim from getting onto an elevator with Chance the Rapper, and then had a second altercation with the man in the lobby. Hotel video footage shows the victim being attacked and pinned against a wall by his throat.

Mugshot of pop star Justin Bieber, who was accused of assault in 2016.

Justin Bieber was sued in 2016 after allegedly punching a man several times in the face. It is claimed that the popstar was drinking with a stranger in Cleveland after attending an NBA finals game. He reportedly became angry when the man took pictures of Bieber on his phone. It is alleged that Bieber punched the victim three times, with his bodyguards also joining the fight. A civil lawsuit was filed and has been settled out of court.

A former sheriff was awarded $600,000 after filing an assault lawsuit against an ex-FBI agent. Richard Stanek, a former county sheriff in Minnesota, suffered serious injuries in the incident, which happened in 2017 when he was still in office. He was shoved and then punched twice by John Guandolo – a high-profile former marine, FBI agent, and law enforcement consultant. A civil lawsuit was filed, and a jury awarded Stanek $600,000 in compensation in September 2019.

Rapper and producer Kanye West, who was accused of assaulting a paparazzo in LA.

Kanye West was sued in 2013 after lashing out at a paparazzo who started questioning him and taking pictures as West left LAX. It is alleged that West punched the victim and made an unlawful attempt to take his camera from him. He was hit with both criminal charges and a civil lawsuit. He pleaded no contest in the criminal proceedings and received probation, community service, and anger management, while the civil assault suit was settled out of court.

If you have been injured in a physical altercation, contact the California assault lawyers of Bisnar Chase for immediate help.

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Common Assault and Battery Injuries

The types of injuries a victim could sustain in an assault or battery case are wide-ranging. The severity will depend on the circumstances of the attack; whether it was sustained, whether a weapon was used, and how much force was involved.

Common injuries include:

  • Cuts and scratches
  • Bruises and black eyes
  • Broken bones
  • Concussions
  • Aggravated existing conditions and injuries
  • Trauma and emotional scarring
  • Wrongful death

If you have suffered these or any other injuries due to assault or physical battery crimes against you, turn to our California assault attorneys for help.

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What to Do if You are Assaulted

Being the victim of assault can be terrifying and traumatic. Here’s what you should do afterward – including how to file a lawsuit after an assault:

  1. Call the police. Make a full report to police officers. This is an important step to ensure your safety, and the report can be requested at a later date as evidence in your assault case.
  2. Document your injuries. Take photographs of any visible injuries when they are fresh, and continue to chronicle them in the following days and weeks.
  3. Seek medical attention. Visit a doctor or urgent care. This will ensure that your injuries are treated properly, and the medical records can later be produced as evidence.
  4. Contact Bisnar Chase. An expert assault and battery lawyer in California will build a strong case for you, assembling evidence and negotiating with opposing legal teams to make sure you get justice.

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Assault and Battery FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

If you believe you may have a case, consult our assault and battery FAQs below for some of the questions most frequently asked of our expert legal team. If your question is not answered, please do not hesitate to contact Bisnar Chase.

Assault and battery compensation will vary from case to case. If a lawsuit is successful, the amount of compensation awarded will depend on the severity of injuries, the victim’s pain and suffering, their medical expenses, any long-term repercussions, lost wages, and a range of other factors.

There is no set timetable for an assault case – it could take weeks, months, or years to conclude. Reaching an out-of-court settlement will mean the process is quicker than if it is taken to trial. It is also important to note that an assault lawsuit in Southern California should be filed within two years of the incident date.

The best attorneys for assault and battery injury cases operate on contingency, Bisnar Chase included. This means that our law firm will advance all costs necessary to win your case and secure justice for you. Our no win no fee guarantee protects you financially, and we will only be paid if we win.

There are several ways to make contact with Bisnar Chase. You can call us on (949) 203-3814, or use the live chat or contact tab on our website at You can also contact us through our social media channels.

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What Assault Cases Will Bisnar Chase Take?

Our law group is dedicated to helping victims of assault find justice. However, there are some cases that we cannot take on.

It is important to note that we provide experienced lawyers for assault victims, but we are not assault defense attorneys or criminal defense attorneys, and cannot help those who have been accused. We also do not take on police brutality cases.

For other types of California civil assault and battery cases, we will review the details carefully and make sure our services are a good fit for the battery plaintiff before signing them.

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Superior Representation with Bisnar Chase

Our California assault lawyers are dedicated to making sure victims are made whole. We take this responsibility seriously and are very passionate about our jobs.

The commitment of Bisnar Chase’s legal team is clear from our track record. We have helped more than 12,000 clients over the last four decades, with a 99% success rate. We have also collected more than $650 million in compensation for injury victims.

Contact the California assault and battery lawyers of Bisnar Chase for expert help now. Call (949) 203-3814, click to contact us by email, or make an appointment to visit our law offices. We can provide a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your next step.

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