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One in 20 Women with Vaginal Mesh Have Attempted Suicide Due to Severe Pain

By Brian Chase on March 22, 2019 - 2 comments

One in 20 Women with Vaginal Mesh Have Attempted Suicide Due to Severe Pain

One in 20 Women with Vaginal Mesh Have Attempted Suicide Due to Severe Pain

New research in the United Kingdom is showing that one in 20 women who have received vaginal mesh implants have attempted suicide largely due to the excruciating pain they suffer as a side effect. According to a report in the Daily Mail, researchers surveyed around 650 women who have the controversial implant, which is used worldwide to treat pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence. The survey found that 5 percent of women with vaginal mesh are in such severe pain that they have attempted suicide or self-harm regularly.

Survey Sheds Light on Horrors

Also, a third of mothers with vaginal mesh complications such as recurrent urinary infection, fatigue or pain rely on their children to care for them after many have been left wheelchair-bound and unable to work. The study also found that four in five women with mesh implants have developed depression and anxiety as a result of the procedure while nearly half battle suicidal thoughts.

The survey revealed around 95 percent of women who have complications no longer trust the surgeon who did their procedure to give them the best advice. And, nine out of 10 have lost all faith in the medical profession. Nine in ten also said their doctor did not properly explain the procedure and the potential consequences of having the mesh implant permanently placed in their bodies.

Most women said they were offered no information about alternative solutions to their prolapse or incontinence issues such as physical therapy. Four in five respondents said they experience severe pain on a daily basis and one in five suffer urinary infections so frequently that antibiotics no longer work for them.

Dangerous and Defective Products

A number of studies and surveys about vaginal mesh implants, not to mention the stories of thousands of women who have endured nightmarish side effects, have already demonstrated that these are dangerous medical devices that should never have been offered to consumers. No one should go for a surgery with consequences so painful and disabling that they contemplate taking their own life.

While countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia have put a stop to these surgeries, vaginal mesh implant surgeries are still performed in the United States. Australia went so far as to issue a national apology to women damaged by pelvic mesh implants. All forms of pelvic mesh are already banned in New Zealand. It’s time that the U.S. government moves to protect women from these products that we know, cause significant harm and destroy women’s lives, livelihoods and marriages.

Our product defect attorneys represent women who have suffered severe health effects as a result of vaginal mesh implants. We are determined as ever to fight for the rights of these women and their families and hold negligent manufacturers accountable for putting profits before the well-being of consumers.



Posted in: Defective Medical Device

About the Author: Brian Chase

2 Responses to “One in 20 Women with Vaginal Mesh Have Attempted Suicide Due to Severe Pain”

  1. On
    Jen said:

    Hi Brian, I lead the research for Sling the Mesh, thank you for bringing it to the attention of more people. Just to add, 69 of our survey respondents had hernia mesh, which can also cause disabling problems. Best wishes, Jen

  2. On
    Brian Chase said:

    Thank you Jen.

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