ADT Faces Class Action Lawsuits After Alleged Breach of Customer Privacy

ADT Faces Class Action Lawsuits After Alleged Breach of Customer Privacy

Two federal class action lawsuits have been filed for hundreds of ADT customers who recently learned that a former employee compromised their accounts with the home security company. According to a Dallas Morning News report, the lawsuits came weeks after ADT alerted hundreds of its customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that a former employee had unauthorized access to their security systems over the last several years including video streams of in-home cameras.

The breach was discovered in March after an ADT customer reported an unauthorized email address on her account with the company’s app, ADT Pulse. The company launched an internal investigation and discovered the employee’s personal email address in 220 accounts. The employee, a technician, had added his email address to customers’ accounts during service visits. He was then able to use the company’s mobile app to gain access to their security systems, including the ability to view in-home cameras.

Lawsuit Alleges Negligence

The lawsuits allege that ADT was negligent and breached contracts by failing to provide security. Both lawsuits say the employee could view customers’ private and intimate moments when customers were nude or partially clothed. The lawsuits state that moments that were believed to be private and inside the “sanctity of the home are now voyeuristic entertainment for a third party.”

The lawsuit expressed fears that those private moments may have been captured, shared with others or even posted online. ADT fired the employee after finding out about the abuse. It is not clear if the employee is being criminally charged. ADT has said it implemented procedures to prevent a similar incident from occurring, including sending out notifications to customers when users are added to their accounts.

Both lawsuits were filed in Florida where ADT is based. One lawsuit was filed on behalf of account holders, and the other covers individuals who live in a household that was compromised, such as minors and roommates. Each lawsuit seeks more than $5 million. There are fears that the incident may not have been limited to one employee, given the system’s vulnerability.

Class Action Lawsuits

These are serious allegations, and it would become a serious concern if more employees had access to customer’s private information, including videos from security cameras. There is no question that ADT should have put better safeguards in place, especially when it is dealing with the privacy and security of so many customers. Our consumer class action attorneys hope this class action lawsuit will help remedy the situation and motivate the company to investigate to see if any other customers have been affected.


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