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Woman Sent Flying in Los Angeles Street Takeover Accident

Street takeover accident

A street takeover accident in Los Angeles resulted in a car hitting a woman and knocking her unconscious.

The crash happened at the corner of Crenshaw Boulevard and West 63rd Street in the Hyde Park area of LA. The intersection was packed with more than 50 vehicles and a huge crowd of onlookers at the sideshow on Saturday, March 9, 2024.

But when a car performing donuts clipped and sent a woman flying, the illegal event almost ended in disaster. It is the latest in a string of accidents at dangerous street takeover events across California.

The Latest Street Takeover Accident in Los Angeles

Street takeovers, also known as sideshows, are a growing problem across the U.S. and a fast-rising cause of car accidents in and around Los Angeles. They involve large crowds taking over a section of the road, creating an arena for drivers to perform stunts in their vehicles, such as drifting, donuts, and burnouts. Sometimes passengers will hang out of the car’s windows or open the doors while it is spinning.

In this latest incident, a woman was standing near a black sedan as it was performing donuts. As the car was spinning, the back end hit the woman at high speed as she tried to move out of the way.

The force of the impact sent her flying through the air. A video of the shocking incident was uploaded to social media. It shows the woman hitting the ground and rolling over, appearing to be unconscious, with onlookers rushing to help her. One person is seen trying to lift her limp body. It is unclear whether she suffered serious injuries.

Street Takeover Dangers

Concerns have been raised over the dangers of street takeovers for several years now. While it has become a nationwide problem, many of the most publicized accidents have occurred in California. 

There have been accidents, injuries, and deaths reported at illegal sideshow events in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco, Tustin, San Diego, Oakland, Compton, and Santa Ana, among many other areas.

In many cases, the drivers are amateurs who do not have full control over their vehicles while performing stunts. YouTube is full of street takeover videos showing cars spinning into bollards, sidewalks, dividers, and other inanimate objects, as well as pedestrians. 

Combine the lack of skill with potential intoxication and the extremely close proximity of the watching crowds, and you are left with a deadly combination and a high probability of accidents occurring.

Street takeovers are also linked with other illegal activities. At the same event at Crenshaw and West 63rd, a Jeep was set on fire in the middle of the street while other cars performed donuts around the blaze.

Street Takeover Fatalities

In one incident in December 2022, 24-year-old nursing student Elyzza Guajaca was killed at an event at Florence Avenue and Crenshaw Boulevard. The driver of a Chevy Camaro lost control and drove into the crowd, crushing Guajaca against a street light pole. The driver, Dante Chapple Young, fled the scene but was later arrested in New Mexico and charged with murder.

That tragic death was far from the only fatality linked to street takeovers in recent years. Some incidents involve out-of-control cars crashing into crowds, while others involve illegal activities among the onlookers.

Two men were shot and killed in their car at an event in Compton in November 2021. Two more fatal shooting occurred at takeovers in July and August 2022. Another two women were also killed in a crash at an event in June 2022.

Street Takeover Statistics

The Los Angeles Police Department has reported receiving thousands of calls about illegal street racing and takeover events every year. In 2020, the LAPD received 7,013 reports of takeovers and sideshows. The following year, that number rose to 7,654 calls.

LAPD street takeover statistics show that the number dropped to just under 5,000 in 2022. However, authorities suspect that the drop can partly be attributed to the frustration of residents who have pleaded for action and seen a lack of success so far.

Street takeovers have also been increasing in size. Authorities say that social media is used to help large groups organize and meet in massive numbers at short notice.

Are Street Takeovers Legal?

Most street takeovers are illegal because they block the roadway and feature dangerous stunts that violate traffic regulations. They can carry punishments for people caught attending and taking part in the events, even when deadly accidents do not occur.

People taking part can be hit with citations for traffic violations. They may also have their licenses suspended or have their vehicles impounded. Even spectators can face consequences. Depending on what happens at the event, spectators can be given citations and court dates for misdemeanor offenses.

According to the LAPD, more than 600 people were arrested in connection with takeovers between January and August 2022. More than 2,000 citations were issued, and nearly 450 vehicles were impounded over that same span.

Legal Options for Street Takeover Accident Victims

An out-of-control car accident at a street takeover event can have a significant negative impact on a person’s life. These crashes often happen at high speeds and result in severe impacts.

Victims can suffer serious injuries, ranging from concussions and broken bones to head, neck, and spine injuries, crush injuries, and internal trauma. As we have seen from some extreme examples, some street takeover accidents result in wrongful deaths.

In street takeover accident cases, there are various parties that may be held liable. We take action against reckless drivers who cause injuries through their dangerous or careless actions. 

In some cases, if the police failed to respond to complaints in a timely manner or any other parties shared some level of responsibility, we may be able to hold them accountable as well.

Finding the Right Lawyer for Your Case

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