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Twitch Blames Server Configuration Error for Massive Data Breach

twitch gaming data breach

Twitch, a video live streaming service that focuses on streaming video games live including broadcasts of e-sports competitions, has confirmed that it has had a large data breach.

According to, the company pointed to an error in the Twitch server configuration change that exposed some data to the Internet.

The leaked data allegedly includes the Amazon-owned streaming platform’s source code, reports on creator payouts, and details about an unreleased Steam competitor from Amazon Game Studios.

Details of the Data Breach

Video Game Chronicle reported that an anonymous hacker posted a 125GB torrent containing the information to the 4chan message board. The publication said an anonymous company source confirmed the leaked data is legitimate. Eventually, Twitch also confirmed the data breach with a tweet. The company has said it will follow up with more details later, saying that it is still working to understand the full impact of the incident.

Twitch has said there is no indication that login credentials are exposed. It also said full credit card numbers are not stored by Twitch and therefore, not exposed. Twitch is one of the world’s top streaming sites with about 2.5 million people viewing the live streams at any given moment. It became a popular way for games to share live streams of their video games, giving those watching a chance to discuss what is happening on screen and pay for it via subscription.

It has also expanded to become a place where people share cooking lessons, stream travel experiences, or chat. The leaked data reportedly shows that Twitch’s top streamers made millions of dollars on the platforms over the past three years. The leak has been labeled “part one” suggesting many more to come. It is not clear what other details hackers are planning to release. The platform has recently faced criticism for failing to curb hate and harassment.

Steps Consumers Can Take

There is no question that these companies are responsible for protecting consumers’ privacy and sensitive information. It is frightening to realize that hackers may have access to private and proprietary data.

After any data breach, enabling two-factor authentication is a good idea if you haven’t done so already. This provides an extra layer of security between you and a hacker. Also, make sure you are not reusing your passwords. Create passwords that are hard to crash. Use phrases instead of one word to make your passwords stronger. Finally, don’t share your login information with others. If you have sustained losses due to a data breach, contact an experienced class action lawyer to obtain more information about pursuing your legal rights.


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