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Study on #Juul Makes the Case to Regulate E-Cigarette Marketing

Study Shows Vaping Devices Like Juul is Reversing Anti-Tobacco Efforts

A brand new study on Juul-related Instagram posts highlights the importance of stricter regulations regarding e-cigarette marketing. According to a CNN news report, the study, which looked at nearly 15,000 Instagram posts from March through May 2018, found that more than one-third of the posts were promotional, containing branded marketing messages or links to websites where users could purchase e-cigarettes.

The study, published in the BMJ journal Tobacco Control and funded by the Truth Initiative, an anti-tobacco advocacy group, also found that more than half of these posts featured content related to youth culture and lifestyle. Researchers say this is particularly important to note because the tobacco industry has historically marketed traditional cigarettes by playing up the ideals of social acceptability and “the cool factor.”

#Juul Lives On

Juul, the company that has the lion’s share of the e-cigarette market, has come under fire by public health officials for its popularity among youth. The company’s marketing strategies have also come under scrutiny. In fact, Juul’s marketing campaigns are the focus of several lawsuits filed against the e-cigarette maker. These lawsuits allege that Juul has been deliberately targeting teens. Juul has phased out much of its social media in the United States since, shutting down its Facebook and Instagram accounts in November and scaling back its use of Twitter and YouTube.

However, those who studied the impact of advertising by tobacco companies said that Juul’s actions were too little, too late. A study published last year showed that Juul-related tweets multiplied significantly in 2017—17 times the 2016 levels. Another study, also last year, estimated that 25 percent of users who were retweeting the company were under age 18. According to experts, the “ripple effect” that Juul’s early social media popularity started is still in motion. They say Juul continues to reap the financial benefit of its early investment, which is now paying large dividends.

Damage Caused by Vaping Products

This is all happening at a time when we are seeing study after study that show e-cigarettes are extremely harmful to one’s health. They have been linked to heart disease, lung damage and even the destruction of brain cells. Our law firm is also representing clients who have been severely injured by exploding vaping products. An experienced personal injury lawyer can assist you in determining your legal rights and options if e-cigarettes, vaping products, or accessories have caused harm or injury to you or a loved one. You may be able to seek compensation for your injuries, damages and losses.


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