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Pharma Giant Sold Vaginal Mesh Products Despite Major Risk Warnings

One in 20 Women with Vaginal Mesh Have Attempted Suicide Due to Severe Pain

It has been revealed that J&J sold vaginal mesh products despite knowing that they could pose serious risks to women. Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson released mesh implants in 2005 to treat prolapse and urinary incontinence.

But the products left thousands of women in severe pain and discomfort. Some have even reported life-altering side effects, and many have taken legal action against Johnson & Johnson (J&J). The Guardian newspaper is reporting that J&J knew the risks of the vaginal mesh before it was released but decided to launch it anyway.

According to reports, the Guardian has seen internal emails between J&J executives discussing the potential side effects of mesh implants. These messages raised serious concerns over the safety of the products several months before they were officially launched. Some of the emails from J&J staff flagged concerns that the implants may shrink, harden, or roll up inside the patient. The company also received expressions of concern from doctors after the mesh had been released, questioning its safety profile. These documents have been uncovered after they were submitted to the courts in the latest lawsuit against J&J, brought by a woman from Pennsylvania who suffered severe complications from the mesh.

Vaginal Mesh Side-Effects

Johnson & Johnson promoted and sold vaginal mesh products between 2005 and 2012. They were made from plastic netting and designed to cure pelvic and urinary issues. But the implant left countless women in excruciating pain. It was sometimes known to cause pain, nerve damage, bleeding, infection, erosion, and scarring.

It also proved to be extremely difficult to remove because tissue would grow around the meshing within the body. Not only did women suffer severe side effects from the implant, but around a third of those who had the product surgically removed were still left in pain, with no improvement. Findings indicate that about one in 15 women with a mesh implant later requires removal.

Liability Issues

Thousands of women have sued Johnson & Johnson over the effects they have suffered as a result of the vaginal mesh implants. Most complaints focus on the product being defective. The latest lawsuit also alleges that J&J displayed negligence by failing to warn doctors of the possible risks – despite apparently being alerted to them before its launch. The company is contesting the latest case but has refused to comment before going to court.

Anyone who has suffered side effects, including pain and discomfort, as a result of a mesh implant, should seek legal help. A defective medical device attorney at Bisnar Chase can provide expert help to victims, securing compensation and damages for the pain and suffering they have been through.

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