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Peloton Recalls All Treadmills and Publicly Apologizes After Child’s Death and 70 Injuries

By D L on May 7, 2021 - No comments

Peloton Faces Class Action Lawsuit for Injuries Tied to Recalled Tread Plus Treadmills

Peloton Faces Class Action Lawsuit for Injuries Tied to Recalled Tread Plus Treadmills

Peloton has recalled its Tread and Tread Plus treadmills while its CEO also issued a public apology admitting that the company was wrong to fight the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) request that it recall the treadmills after one child died and 70 others were injured by the exercise machines. According to a CNN news report, about 125,000 treadmills are included in this recall. When CPSC issued a warning about the treadmills’ dangers last month, Peloton took the unusual step of refusing to recall them.

The Danger of Injuries and Fatalities

The company’s CEO John Foley issued a statement this week saying Peloton “made a mistake” in its initial response to CPSC’s request. He said: “We should have engaged more productively with them from the outset. For that, I apologize.” CPSC’s acting chairman Robert Adler said the announcement was the result of “three weeks of intense negotiation and effort.” This recall covers the $4,295 Tread Plus as well as the less-expensive Tread, which costs $2,495. Peloton took both machines off its website on Wednesday, May 5.

This reversal comes a little over two weeks after CPSC issued an urgent alert for the machine’s users saying it was aware at the time of at least 39 accidents involving the Tread Plus including multiple reports of children becoming entrapped, pinned and pulled under the machine.

The agency released a video showing a young child playing with a powered-on treadmill while it lifts off the ground and the child becomes pinned under it. It also released frightening details of other incidents including a child being injured while an adult was using it and pets also getting sucked under the treadmill. Peloton fought the agency saying at the time that the warning was “inaccurate and misleading.” Now, Foley has vowed to work with the CPSC to set new industry safety standards for treadmills.

Product Manufacturers’ Responsibility

While it is good news that Peloton has admitted its mistake and has issued the recall, the delay in doing so left customers, especially young children, in grave danger. Peloton’s initial response was outrageous, to say the least. Our thoughts and prayers go out to families whose children were severely injured by these treadmills. In one case, a child suffered traumatic brain injuries.

If you or a loved one has been injured by these dangerous products, it is important that you contact an experienced product defect lawyer to explore your legal rights and options. You may be able to receive compensation for losses including medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering and emotional distress.


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