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Peloton Faces Class Action Lawsuit for Injuries Tied to Recalled Tread Plus Treadmills

Peloton, which recalled its Tread Plus treadmills last week after reports of one child’s death and several injuries involving children and pets, is facing a class-action lawsuit. According to a report on, the lawsuit filed by plaintiff Shannon Albright alleges that Peloton violated consumer protection laws and that the company has known or should have known the defective nature of its treadmills, whose inherent design flaw makes it “uniquely dangerous” for kids.

Dangerous Products

This class action lawsuit comes after a child was fatally injured in an accident involving a Peloton treadmill back in March. This prompted the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to issue a warning to consumers to stop using Tread Plus. Peloton initially fought the agency’s assertion that the dangerous treadmills to be recalled, but finally caved in last week, issuing a recall for 125,000 – but not until one child had been killed and 70 others had been injured. One child even suffered traumatic brain injuries. Peloton’s CEO John Foley also publicly apologized for fighting the product safety recall.

The class-action lawsuit, filed in Northern California’s U.S. District Court, includes a previous advertisement from the company that features a woman working out next to a Tread Plus with her young daughter beside her. The lawsuit says: “Chillingly, the child featured in the picture is exactly the sort of victim that the Tread Plus machine is uniquely capable of killing or maiming.”

The incidents, lawsuits, and recalls have all drawn the attention of a group of U.S. lawmakers who are crafting a new bill called the Sunshine in Product Safety Act. This would essentially change an existing policy within the Consumer Product Safety Act that, if passed, would not allow manufacturers to restrict information shared to the public in case of a product defect, especially if there are safety concerns.

Product Liability Issues

There is no question that product manufacturers are responsible for making products that are safe for consumers. When there is a product defect – be it some manufacturing defect or a design flaw – it is important that manufacturers promptly recall the faulty products to prevent more injuries. In this case, Peloton failed to issue a timely recall. In fact, the company maintained that their products were safe even after a child died and many others had been injured.

We hope the young victims injured by these products and their families get the justice they deserve. Our defective product lawyers will always fight for the legal rights and best interests of our clients harmed by dangerous and defective products.


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