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Johnson & Johnson to Pay $10 Million to Settle Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit with Washington State

Transvaginal mesh products.

Johnson & Johnson will pay about $10 million to Washington State to settle a lawsuit over vaginal mesh implants that have caused painful, life-changing health complications for tens of thousands of women worldwide. According to a KNKX news report, J&J and other mesh implant manufacturers have been sued by thousands of patients who allege several horrific side effects from the devices including chronic pain, inability to have sexual intercourse and ongoing urinary tract infections.

Patients Should Be Warned About Risks

Mesh removal is also extremely difficult and in many cases impossible because pieces of the mesh implant disintegrate and become embedded and difficult to remove. Some surgeons compare the process to removing chewing gum that gets stuck in your hair.

Washington State filed its lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson in May 2016 alleging that the corporation misrepresented risks associated with these vaginal mesh implants.

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson said J&J violated the state’s Consumer Protection Act by not adequately warning patients and doctors about the potential risks. Ferguson, who announced the settlement said, going forward, the company will be required to specifically state the risks involved with the procedure. Mesh implants are designed to repair pelvic collapse, which could occur in women who have given birth or have had a hysterectomy.

Ferguson also announced that $9.9 million from the settlement would go to affected consumers. He has urged women who have had mesh implants to contact his office because the state cannot identify them due to privacy laws. He also mentioned that this settlement does not stop women from filing individual personal injury lawsuits seeking damages.

Dangerous and Defective Products

This settlement comes barely a week after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ordered the two remaining medical device companies selling vaginal mesh implants to stop all sales and distribution in the United States. Many other countries including the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand have taken similar actions after receiving numerous complaints from women about horrific side effects from these products.

If you have suffered serious health complications as a result of vaginal mesh implants, please contact an experienced product defect lawyer who will remain on your side, fight for your rights and help ensure that you receive maximum compensation for your tremendous losses.



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