Eddie Bauer and Disney Inclined Sleepers Recalled for Safety Issues

Eddie Bauer and Disney Inclined Sleepers Recalled for Safety Issues

About 24,000 inclined sleepers sold under the Eddie Bauer and Disney brand names are being recalled due to concerns that babies sleeping in them could roll over and suffocate. According to a Today.com report, the products being recalled include Eddie Bauer Slumber and Soothe Rock Bassinet and the Disney Baby Doe and Dream Bassinet. So far, no injuries have been linked to these products. The companies say this recall is largely precautionary.

Details of the Recall

Both products were made by Dorel China and were sold at large retailers nationwide including Target, Kmart, Ross, Marshalls and TJ Maxx from November 2014 to February 2017 for about $60. The recalled Disney sleeper is purple and has the model number BT071DHS on the inclined sleeper pad. The recalled Eddie Bauer sleeper is beige and has the model number BT055CSY.

Officials with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) are urging parents and caregivers to stop using these products right away. They are urged to contact Dorel directly for a $60 refund voucher by calling 1-877-657-9546 or texting 812-373-6673. You can also email inclinesleeperrecall@djgusa.com for more information.

Dangers of Inclined Sleepers

This recall comes after millions of inclined sleepers have been pulled from the market because they pose the danger of suffocation for infants. In April, Fisher-Price recalled 4.7 million sleepers after more than 30 babies died while the products were in use and more than 700 babies have been injured.

In these cases, the infants who were sleeping on their backs rolled to their stomach or side while unrestrained and were suffocated to death. The American Academy of Pediatrics has advised parents that infants should not sleep in strollers or car seats or on any other surface other than a flat, firm bed. Beds should be made without bedding such as pillows or blankets.

Don’t Use These Products

These sleep products are intended for children to use without direct parental supervision. If a baby rolls over for the first time in their inclined sleeper, there is a high chance of entrapment, and a small chance for a caregiver to see the child and resolve the situation.

The best step as a parent or caregiver is to avoid using these dangerous and defective products. If your child has been injured while using one of these products, please contact an experienced product defect lawyer who can provide with more information regarding your legal rights and options.



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