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Dog Attacks and Injured Toddler in Riverside County

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A 4-year-old girl suffered severe facial injuries after a dog attacked her at her grandfather’s Riverside County property. According to a report on, the girl was treated and released from the hospital, and the dog was surrendered to be euthanized. The incident occurred on June 5 on Corson Avenue in an unincorporated area of Mead Valley.

The dog reportedly escaped from its kennel and charged the girl as she was playing near a porch or patio at the property. Officials say the attack was unprovoked and believe the girl’s grandfather may have been breeding dogs at that location. Officials say they are still looking into what caused this accident and are using this incident as an example of why dog owners need to be extra vigilant with their pets, especially when young children are around.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the child who was injured in this dog attack in Riverside County. We wish her the very best for a speedy and complete recovery.

Children and Dog Attacks

Infants and toddlers up to 2 years old make up a large proportion of kids in the US who are treated at trauma centers for dog bites each year, according to a recent study conducted by the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. The study states that about 37 percent of U.S. households own a dog, which works out to about 70 million dogs across the country.

About 5 million people are bitten by dogs each year in the United States, half of whom are children. Smaller children are especially vulnerable to head and facial injuries in dog attacks due to their height and propensity to crawl or play on the ground. When kids get bitten, especially in the face, it can cause long-term cosmetic problems and scars.

Preventing Tragic Attacks

Several steps can be taken to protect children from dog attacks. First and foremost, never leave an infant or toddler alone with a dog, even if it is a family dog. Every child, including toddlers, should learn to be careful and respectful of all animals, including family pets. Children should never approach a strange dog through a fence or car window. They should keep their faces away from the face of an unfamiliar dog. If you have a dog that has exhibited violent behavior, ensure the animal is restrained or confined to a space when you have children at home.

Suppose your child has been injured in a dog attack. In that case, you may be able to seek compensation on his or her behalf to help pay for medical expenses, hospitalization, the cost of cosmetic surgery, psychological counseling, etc. An experienced Riverside dog bite lawyer will be able to advise you regarding your legal rights and options.



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