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California Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Apple Watches Are Defective

By Brian Chase on June 7, 2018 - No comments

California Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Apple Watches Are Defective

California Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Apple Watches Are Defective

Apple is facing a class action lawsuit in California, which alleges that every Apple Watch it has ever produced has a major defect. According to a news report on, a Colorado man is seeking $5 million on behalf of himself and others as well as a request that Apple acknowledge the faulty screen design in every Apple Watch that has ever been released. The defect basically causes the screens to crack, shatter or detach from the body of the Watch through no fault of the wearer. The complaint states this would happen often times, only days or weeks after purchase.

Screens on Watches Can Detach

The lawsuit claims that all Apple Watches have had this problem since their initial launch in 2015. So far, Apple has not acknowledged the issue. The complaint accompanies pictures of the watches where the screens have come off. There have been other problems with Apple Watches as well. In its Series 0 models, the batteries can swell and back covers could fall off under certain conditions. Series 2 and 3 watches have also had minor problems with batteries and screens respectively.

However, a detaching screen is not something Apple has acknowledged yet. While it is not clear what causes the screen to come off in some circumstances, an expanding battery could potentially cause the issue. The class action lawsuit filed in San Jose accuses Apple of violating business acts and warranties. Apple has not yet commented on this matter.

A Case to Watch

It’s too early to tell how this case might develop. The first step would be for this complaint to get class action status. It is highly likely that this case will get a lot of attention because it involves Apple products and millions of consumers around the world have these products at home. This lawsuit will also give us an idea about how pervasive this problem was in Apple Watches.

Class action lawsuits have the power to hold large corporations accountable in cases where one individual may not have the ability to do so. When consumers band together, they can obtain justice and be reimbursed for a product that did not work as intended. We hope the facts come out as this case progresses in the courts.




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