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Apple Recalls One Million Adapters for Electric Shock Hazard

Apple Recalls One Million Adapters for Electric Shock Hazard

Apple has issued a product defect recall for nearly one million World Travel Adapter kits because the three-prong AC wall plug adapters can break and pose the risk of electric shock. According to a CBS news report, the recall involves 814,000 kits sold from January 2003 to January 2015 and cost about $30. The kits were sold in Apple stores, on, and in other home electronics stores nationwide. Between 2003 and 2010, they were also shipped with Mac and certain iOS devices.

Details of the Recall

The kits contained both three-prong and two-prong adapters designed to fit electrical outlets worldwide, although they were made for use mainly in the United Kingdom, Singapore and Hong Kong. So far, at least six people have suffered electric shocks, with two of those victims needing medical evaluation. None of those shocked was seriously injured and none is from the United States.

The recalled three-prong AC adapters are white and contain no letters on the inside slot where it attaches to the Apple power adapter. Later models that are not part of this recall are also white, but the inside portion that attaches to the power adapter is gray. Customers who still own these recalled World Travel Adapter Kits are urged to stop using the wall plug adapters right away and contact Apple for a free replacement adapter. Exchanges can be done at authorized Apple stores or by contacting Apple Support.

The Danger of Electric Shocks

An electric shock occurs when a person comes into contact with an electrical energy source. Electrical energy flows through a portion of the body causing a shock. Exposure to electrical energy may result in no injury at all or may result in devastating damage or death. Burns are the most common injury from electric shock.

In addition to burn injuries, other injuries are possible if the person has been thrown clear of the electrical source by forceful muscular contraction. Consideration should be given to the possibility of a spine injury. The person may have internal injuries, especially if he or she is experiencing any shortness of breath, chest pain, or abdominal pain.

Product Liability Issues

If you have suffered injuries as a result of dangerous or defective products, you may be able to file a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer. Injured victims can seek compensation for damages including medical expenses, lost income, hospitalization, cost of rehabilitation, permanent injuries, pain and suffering and emotional distress. An experienced product defect lawyer can help you better understand your legal rights and options in such cases.


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