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Las Vegas Casino Injury Attorney

Las Vegas casino injury lawyer

Las Vegas casinos, once a place for fun and excitement has unfortunately become one of tragedy. The Las Vegas Casino Injury Lawyers of Bisnar Chase have witnessed the anguish that comes from being injured in the city of sin. Expensive medical bills can add up and many people go for months before returning to work.

The premise liability attorneys of Bisnar Chase have been representing victims and their families for over 40 years. You do not have to stress over lost wages. The law offices of Bisnar Chase will earn you the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Our legal representation has gained over $650 Million dollars in winnings for victims of casino negligence. If you or someone you know has experienced severe pain and suffering from a casino owners carelessness call the Las Vegas casino injury attorneys of Bisnar Chase.

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Common Types of Casino Injuries in Las Vegas

Many people walk into a casino with one thing on their mind: money. The only concern a gambler only has is losing their money, not their mental or physical wellness. There are several injuries that casino-goers usually experience, but there are three kinds of common accidents that take place.

Tourist Transportation: People all around the globe travel to the city of sin to enjoy luxurious restaurants and most of all gamble. It has been reported that over three million tourists go to Las Vegas each month. Unfortunately, though while traveling to their hotel many visitors are involved in shuttle bus accidents.  Negligence for the bus accident can be due to the casino not maintaining the shuttle. Regular checks and updates for tourist transportation can help prevent crashes and injuries.  The weight and size of the bus can do more damage than a motor vehicle. A bus crash can result in injury victims enduring harm to the spinal cord, broken bones or a brain injury.

Las Vegas casino injury attorneyFood Poisoning: Buffets are a staple in Las Vegas. Many serve various kinds of food that include pasta, BBQ chicken and egg rolls. What shouldn’t be on the menu though, is an infection that can be contracted due to contaminated food. A total of 128,000 people are sent to the emergency room due to food poisoning at buffets. To add, about 3,000 people die from a bacteria-infested food item. reported that buffets are filled with germs. Reasons range from customers not washing hands and grabbing the food to food being left out for long periods of time. The Federal Food Safety Commission requires that the standard temperature for hot food should be 140 degrees Fahrenheit and the standard temperature is 20 degrees Fahrenheit for cold food. Types of bacteria that can be found in food that is improperly handled are salmonella, listeria or even e-coli.

Slip and Falls: Research has concluded that severe fractures account for 5% percent of falls. It is the duty of casino owners to assure that items such as chairs and floors have proper maintenance and upkeep.  Many gamblers who go or stay at casinos are part of the elder population. Statistics have proven that the elderly demographic have a higher chance of fracturing a hip and even dying. If you have suffered a slip or fall due to a casino being careless the Las Vegas Casino Injury Lawyers of Bisnar Chase are here to get you back on your feet. Our dedicated attorneys have held a 99% success rate for any individual who has sought out legal representation for a casino slip and fall settlement. Also we guarantee that if there is no win there is no fee. Call the law firm of Bisnar Chase today at (877) 705-6556 and earn a free case analysis.

What if I am Injured at a Native American Owned Casino?

Over 567 Native American tribes are recognized in the United States but only 238 tribes own or oversee casinos.

Indian tribes were given sovereign immunity by the Federal government.  Sovereign immunity amongst tribes means that Native Americans have the right to dictate rights and laws within their community. If a person has experienced any accidents and injuries in a casino that is on a Native American reservation or belongs to a Native American tribe, trying to file an injury claim will be complicated.

Since indigenous tribes govern themselves, the laws that apply in the state of Nevada would not apply to the tribes. The process of suing a tribal casino means that first and foremost the tribe must consent to be sued. Tribal nations also have insurance for their casinos and at times will pay the minimum amount of financial compensation if you have been injured in a casino accident.

Las Vegas Casino Insurance Companies

Although the insurance company of a Casino may seem to have your best interest and give the impression of being accommodating, their sole purpose is to give you as little money as possible for your injuries. Some insurance adjusters may also use strategic moves to make you feel that you were at fault for your injury.

If you stay at a Las Vegas casino it is their responsibility to make sure you are safe on their premises. Do not let the insurance adjusters intimidate you when they failed to make sure you were properly cared for on casino property. It is in your best interest to pursue legal representation, so you can gain the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Our Las Vegas Casino Injury Attorneys Will Fight for You

The Las Vegas Casino Injury Lawyers of Bisnar Chase know that getting hurt should be the least of your concerns when going to Las Vegas casino.

Our mission statement is “To provide superior client representation in a compassionate and professional manner while making our world a safer place."

We know that enduring pain and suffering from a casino injury can be costly. The law group of Bisnar Chase have held a 99% success rate for over 40 years. We have taken on the toughest of cases and have gained over $650 Million dollars in casino injury settlements. Call now and receive a free case evaluation from one of our top-notch legal team members.

Contact us at (877) 705-6556.

You shouldn’t have to gamble with your well-being.

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