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Vaping Increases Teen Risk of Developing Asthma Attacks

Singers and Models in Music Videos Play a Big Part in Promoting Vaping

While some may believe vaping is a safer alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, the latest research from Canada suggests it could raise the risk of developing asthma or even having asthma attacks for teens and adults. According to a HealthDay news report, the study’s authors said emerging research suggests that vaping may worsen preexisting health conditions such as asthma.

What the Study Shows

The study aimed to determine whether youth and young adults who use e-cigarettes had increased odds of asthma and an attack within the last 12 months. Researchers used data from the 2015-2016 and 2017-2018 cycles of the self-reported Canadian Community Health Survey. They included more than 17,000 people aged 12 and up. Study participants included just over 3% who answered that they had used e-cigarettes in the past 30 days. That is equal to about one of every 32 people. About half of those who vaped also smoked traditional cigarettes daily.

The study found that one in eight people, or 13%, of e-cigarette users, had asthma. Those who vaped had 19% higher odds of suffering from asthma. About half of the people who smoked e-cigarettes and had asthma reported suffering from asthma attacks in the past year. Study participants who never smoked or used e-cigarettes had no significant association with asthma.

The study also found that about a higher % of those who used e-cigarettes, about 15%, also had fair to poor mental health compared to those who did not vape. Those who used e-cigarettes also had 60% higher odds of self-reported high-stress levels. While e-cigarettes have only existed for a little over a decade, there has been a lot of evidence over time that these devices emit some of the same harmful chemicals in traditional tobacco cigarettes.

E-Cigarette Health Effects

If you or a loved one has suffered lung injuries or other health effects that are vaping or e-cigarette related, you may be able to hold the manufacturer, retailer, or other parties liable for damages such as medical expenses, hospitalization, permanent injuries, disabilities, and pain and suffering. As product defect attorneys, we find it deeply disturbing that these products continue to be promoted on social media, where children and young adults are exposed to them.

Instead of warning the public about these dangerous products, the industry is promoting them as safe substitutes for tobacco cigarettes. In addition, manufacturers have been luring younger and younger consumers to buy their products with advertising on social media and flavors like cotton candy, bubble gum, and others that might appeal to young people. Corporations that put profits ahead of public health should be held accountable.


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