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Trucking Company Slapped with $411 Million Verdict in Connection with 45-Vehicle Pileup in Florida

Trucking Company Slapped with $411 Million Verdict in Connection with 45-Vehicle Pileup in Florida

A jury in Florida handed down a $411 million verdict in connection with a 2018 crash that injured a motorcyclist severely. According to news reports, a jury in Florida’s Second Circuit Court returned the verdict for 42-year-old Duane Washington in a case against Top Auto Express Trucking Company. Washington, a former career Army sergeant, suffered major injuries in a 45-vehicle pileup that occurred in stormy weather on the westbound I-10 in Tallahassee, Florida, on July 24, 2018.

Details of the Case

Local news outlet WCTV reported then that a semi-truck with Top Auto Trucking Company tried to avoid a collision, but instead jackknifed and caused the domino effect of crashes, which eventually involved 45 vehicles. Ben Crump, the attorney who represented Washington, said the massive pileup was caused by weather conditions and truck driver speeding.

Washington tried to drive his motorcycle onto a median to avoid the collision. Still, before he could do so, Washington collided with a stopped truck with no light on in the emergency lane. His lawyer said the collision launched the motorcyclist into the median and left him with severe, life-threatening injuries. In all, eight people were taken to the hospital with injuries after the pileup. Washington suffered critical injuries, including breaking both sides of his pelvis, severe colon and urethra damage, permanent incontinence, and now lacks sexual function.

We commend the law firm that obtained this significant verdict for its client who has clearly been permanently injured and disabled as a result of this horrific truck crash.

Major Injury Truck Accidents

As California truck accident lawyers, we know all too well that the impact of a truck accident can be lifelong and catastrophic. Accidents involving large trucks typically injure occupants of other, smaller vehicles. These types of accidents result in catastrophic injuries such as head trauma, spinal cord damage, broken bones, limb amputations, internal organ damage, etc.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, you must contact an experienced California truck accident attorney early on in the process. An experienced lawyer will help you compile the evidence that will strengthen your case and hold the at-fault parties accountable for your injuries, damages and losses.


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