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New Flavored E-Cigarette Dangers Revealed

New Flavored E-Cigarette Dangers Revealed

New research has revealed that the fruity flavoring added to e-cigarettes could cause harmful inflammation. It has been discovered that e-cigarette flavor additives – including cinnamon, cherry, and vanilla – can kick-start a chemical process that turns e-cig vapors into a serious irritant to the lungs and airways. The latest research into electronic cigarette substitutes was carried out by Professor Sven-Eric Jordt, of Duke University, and Dr. Hanno Erythropel from Yale University and their findings have now been reported by the Daily Mail. The scientists discovered that the flavorings which are used to produce different e-cig tastes will react with the vaping liquid to form new chemical compound substances which are harmful to the body.

The flavorings may sound fun, but the researchers say inhaling them will open “irritant pathways” within the body. This may start out by causing mild irritation, but can develop into serious inflammation, posing a particular threat to teenagers with developing lungs. Researchers say that e-cigarette companies are leaving users in the dark by not disclosing the presence of these new complex chemicals which are created as the liquid and flavoring combines.

The Danger of E-Cigarettes

These latest findings add to the alarming evidence produced by previous research, which has uncovered links between e-cigarette use and lung disease. Associations have also been found between vaping and the development of tumors.

E-cigarette companies have made headlines for appearing to market products to young users as well. Critics point to the names of flavors such as Fairy Fog, Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy and Insane Candy Cane as being aimed specifically at youngsters. In September, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) branded teen e-cigarette use as an “epidemic”. Research shows that more than two million teens used e-cigarettes in the United States in 2017. The FDA has now handed vape makers an ultimatum, demanding that they form a plan to prevent sales to youngsters, and threatening to ban flavored e-cigs in the U.S.

E-Cig Liability Issues

E-cigarettes come in small electronic devices. When a person takes a draw, a microheater is activated within the device that warms the flavoring and liquid nicotine mixture, turning it into a vapor that can be inhaled. While this process does not produce the carbon monoxide and tar than conventional cigarettes do, it can still be extremely harmful – as shown in the latest research.

Just as concerning is the finding of the new study that users are not made aware of the dangerous chemical compounds which they are inhaling through flavored e-cigs. We feel strongly that people need to be able to make informed decisions. Bisnar Chase has represented clients who have suffered serious and damaging effects as a result of e-cigarette use, and you can contact one of our defective product experts now to explore your legal options.


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