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Mom Calls on Officials to Remove Dog that Bit Her Son Twice

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A boy was bitten twice by the same pit bull in the city of El Cajon, and now, his mother is saying she is worried that the dog will return and attack again. According to an NBC Los Angeles news report, the mother says she has had to sprint through her yard twice over the last five months to rescue her son who was attacked by the neighbor’s pit bull. Llara Sutherland told NBC that her son, Atreyu, was in his yard watering plants when he was blindsided by the muscular dog.

Two Dog Attacks in Five Months

The first attack reportedly occurred around Halloween when the boy was helping his dad put up yard decorations. In that attack, he suffered multiple bite injuries to his leg. Since the most recent attack, the dog has been kept at the city shelter. However, the Sutherland family recently learned that there is a possibility that the dog could be returned to its owner. The family says they are fearful the attack will happen again.

Llara Sutherland says both her son and daughter are taking anxiety medication after the attacks because the dog was not immediately removed from the property and that its presence frightened the children. She tells NBC it’s not about the breed as she owns two dogs herself, one of them a pit bull. She says it’s about responsible dog ownership and about the city doing the right thing. The city is apparently considering returning the dog to its owner with certain restrictions such as a muzzle order. The pit bull is currently under quarantine for 10 days while Animal Services is looking into whether it should be considered a dangerous dog.

Liability Issues for Dog Owners

While cities have their own processes for declaring dogs “dangerous” or “vicious,” injured victims have legal rights they can pursue on their own. California has a “strict liability statute” regarding dog attacks, which means dog owners are liable for any attacks their pets cause. In this case, the victim and his family can seek compensation for damages caused for both attacks.

Dog attack victims can seek compensation for damages such as medical expenses, lost income, cost of surgeries, psychological therapy, medications, pain and suffering and emotional distress. An experienced San Diego dog bite lawyer can help victims in such cases obtain the compensation they need and hold the negligent parties accountable.


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