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Hyundai Sonatas Recalled Because Wrong Turn Signal May Light Up

Hyundai Sonatas,Hybrids recall

Nearly 466,109 Hyundai Sonatas, Sonata Hybrids, and Sonata Plug-in Hybrids are being recalled for a vehicle defect that might cause the wrong turn signal to light up. According to Consumer Reports, the recall involves vehicles from the 2015 through 2017 model years and could cause dangerous situations on the road. The source of this problem is the same as with certain Kia Sedona minivans – the electronic component that interprets the signals that come from the turn signal stalk.

Details of the Recall

Hyundai says that in certain circumstances, the component may not properly determine the intended turn signal direction. As a result, the turn signal may intermittently activate in the opposite direction of what the driver intended. This could potentially increase the risk of a crash.

Drivers of vehicles with this problem will notice that the turn signal indicator on the dash will also display the unintended direction when activated. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has said that the automaker has not reported any accidents or injuries related to this problem. Hyundai is expected to notify owners by mail beginning Nov. 19. Dealers will install a software update free of charge to correct the problem.

The Importance of Turn Signals

It is fairly common to find drivers in Southern California who weave in and out of traffic or make turns without using their turn signals. Often, a failure to properly communicate the intention to turn left or right can result in a rear-ending or a collision with an oncoming vehicle. However, when a turn signal is defective and doesn’t properly indicate the direction in which you are moving or turning – or worse – indicates the opposite direction – it can be extremely dangerous.

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