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Honda and Acura Vehicles Recalled for Power Loss and Rollaway Risk

Acura and Honda Vehicles Recalled for Possible Fuel Pump Failure

Honda is issuing a vehicle defect recall for nearly half a million vehicles to replace a driveline component that may fail and cause a safety risk. According to Consumer Reports, the automaker says that in certain Honda and Acura sedans and hatchbacks, the driveshaft, a part that helps transfer power from the engine to the wheels, may not have been properly rustproofed during the manufacturing process. As a result, it could rust and break prematurely in turn causing the vehicle to lose power without warning while in motion, or roll away when parked.

Details of the Recall

The recall has been issued only for vehicles registered or sold in the so-called “salt belt states” where road salt is commonly used to melt snow on the roadways, but it is common knowledge that a lot of vehicles are sold across state borders and could make their way anywhere in the country. In a statement from the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA), Honda said it is aware of more than 350 driveshaft failures related to this recall. But the automaker says it is not aware of any car accidents or injuries caused by this manufacturing defect.

When the recall begins in February, Honda dealers will inspect and if necessary, replace rusted drive shafts free of charge to consumers. Honda and Acura will contact owners of affected vehicles via first-class mail starting in February.  If owners don’t get a recall notice and think they should have, they should directly contact Honda. Suppose replacement parts are not readily available for repair. In that case, vehicle owners will be contacted twice: once to inform them about the recall and a second time when the vehicle can be brought in for repair.

Auto Product Liability Issues

When a vehicle suddenly loses power while in motion, the consequences can be devastating for vehicle occupants. When a vehicle rolls away from the parking position, it could be dangerous not just to the vehicle’s occupants, but others on the roadway including pedestrians and bicyclists.

Anyone who has suffered an injury in a car accident because of a suspected auto defect or mechanical malfunction would be well advised to preserve the vehicle for a thorough inspection by an expert. If it is determined that a defective auto part was a contributing factor in the collision, then, the at-fault auto manufacturer can be held liable for the injuries suffered by the victim. Those injured due to defective autos would be well advised to contact an experienced auto defect lawyer who has successfully handled auto products liability cases against large automakers.


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