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Dramatic Test Videos Show Exploding Nutribullet Blenders

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Exploding NutriBullet Blenders

Fox 11 has posted test videos it has exclusively obtained of exploding Nutribullet blenders that have allegedly injured several consumers who have sued the manufacturer. The test videos in question were produced by Nutribullet in 2017. They were filmed by the company’s manufacturers in China after they started facing lawsuits from injured consumers. The videos came from a lawsuit filed against the company two years ago by Laura Lambros. The lawsuit alleges that Lambros was using the blender in May 2014 when the cup popped off the base causing her pinky and ring fingers to get caught in the blades, breaking bone and severely lacerating her fingers and palms.

Dangerous and Defective Products

The videos were produced by Nutribullet’s defense attorneys during discovery. In one test video, the pressure is artificially added to a Nutribullet blending water and after about two minutes and a pressure of 50 PSI, it explodes. Another test shows the blender exploding after 10 minutes and 19 seconds of operation. The third video with no sound shows the blender exploding after blending water for an unknown amount of time. Attorneys for the plaintiffs say these videos show without a doubt that these appliances are prone to exploding. Regardless of the timeframe, they say, this should never happen.

Michael Mori, one of the plaintiffs said his Nutribullet exploded last December as he was mixing up oatmeal, milk, honey crystal and green tea. He had run the blender for not more than 20 seconds when it exploded and cut his hand. The cuts were so deep he could see the bones and tendons. He needed 33 stitches and suffered nerve damage. Another plaintiff, Pam Richardson, said she had operated her Nutribullet for about 30 to 40 seconds when it exploded in her face and broke all her front teeth. She still suffers from severe dental problems. Nutribullet has maintained that their products are fine and that consumers are not using them properly.

Justice for Victims

Our product defect lawyers find it appalling that these products remained in the market even after these horrific reports of injuries without any warning to consumers. There are still millions of these products in consumers’ homes. No recalls or alerts have been issued. We hope these videos and these lawsuits shed light on the dangers posed by these products. The manufacturer should be held accountable for the serious and life-changing injuries these defective products have caused.

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