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CR-V Crossover Recall Issued

Honda Recalls CR-V Crossovers for Inadvertent Airbag Deployment

Honda has issued a CR-V crossover recall for 118,598 vehicles because the airbags could deploy inadvertently. According to various news outlets, the vehicles were manufactured between Oct. 3, 2018 and April 1, 2019. Documents filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that 100 percent of the vehicles included in this recall have this safety defect.

CR-V Crossover Recall Damages

The problem essentially stems from the steering system. The metal innards of the recalled vehicles’ steering wheels may contain metal burrs, which are capable of causing damage to a wiring sub-harness to the point of a short circuit. If that occurs, the steering wheel controls might stop working, the airbag light might illuminate or the airbag itself could inadvertently deploy.

Honda began to investigate this particular issue after a new car on the production line had a warning light illuminate. Honda and its supplier discovered the root cause and took steps to prevent it from happening on future parts. As of earlier this month, the automaker received 41 warranty claims, 20 field reports and three reports of injuries that are likely linked to this defect.

When the CR-V Crossover recall begins, Honda’s technicians will replace the sub-harness and cable reel, in addition to adding a protective cover to the steering wheel’s core, which should eliminate the problem. Anyone who had the problem fixed before the recall announcement would have been covered by the factory warranty. Recall notifications should begin arriving in the mail in July.

Auto Product Liability Issues

While airbag failure can result in major injuries or even fatalities, inadvertent airbag deployment can result in crashes and injuries as well. When an airbag deploys suddenly and with explosive force, it can cause serious injuries including broken ribs and facial injuries. Also, sudden airbag deployment can catch the driver by surprise and cause a car accident.

Anyone who has suffered serious injuries as the result of a defective airbag or any other auto defect would be well advised to preserve the vehicle in its current condition unaltered so an expert can analyze it for defects, malfunctions and other evidence. An experienced auto defect lawyer will be able to advise injured victims and their families in such cases regarding their legal rights and options.

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