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California Company Recalls Youth ATVs Over Safety Standard Fears


EGL Motor of El Monte is recalling about 2,900 EGL and ACE brand youth ATVs (or all-terrain vehicles) because they do not comply with mandatory federal ATV safety requirements.

According to Consumer Affairs, children can operate these youth ATVs above the maximum allowed speed, increasing the risk of a crash that can cause serious injuries.

Youth ATVs  With the Potential for Serious Injuries

In addition to the speeding dangers, the report also states that the ATV handlebars pose a laceration hazard if the rider’s body or head strikes them at a high rate of speed, such as in a crash. The parking brake also does not prevent the movement of the vehicle at minimum required steepness.

Youth ATVs that don’t meet the mandatory safety requirements pose a risk of serious injury or death to children. This particular recall involves EGL and ACE brand youth ATVs models MADIX 125 and D110. So far, no injuries have been reported in connection with these recalled all-terrain vehicles.

The name of the vehicle is printed on a label located on both sides and the model number can be found on the metal plate located on the left side under the rear body. The youth ATVs were sold for children ages 12+ or 16+. The products, which were made in China, were sold at Triple J Import, AWL Distribution, D&M Motorsports, and other authorized dealerships nationwide from July 2020 through March 2021 for between $650 and $850.

If you own one of these youth ATVs, please stop using them right away and contact EGL Motor to make an appointment for a complimentary repair from an authorized repair shop. For more details, call EGL at 1-866-496-9919 or visit

Product Liability Issues

While driving ATVs is viewed as a recreational activity, it could also be a dangerous or deadly one when certain safety precautions are not followed, or when the vehicle is inherently dangerous because of a manufacturing or design defect. A recent study from the Nationwide Children’s Hospital found that over the past 25 years an average of 31 children were treated in U.S. emergency departments for ATV-related head and neck injuries every day. Motorsports have become even more popular during the coronavirus pandemic.

If you or a loved one has been injured as the result of a dangerous or defective ATV, you may be able to file a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer. An experienced product defect lawyer will be able to advise you regarding your legal rights and options.



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