Blowers Recalled for Potential Fire Hazard

Kidde, the largest manufacturer of fire extinguishers in the United States, has agreed to pay a $12 million fine

A California company has issued a major recall of potentially dangerous blowers after a fire hazard was uncovered. Intertex of Azusa, California, is issuing a product defect recall for about 197,000 blowers in the United States and Canada. According to a report on Consumer Affairs, the utility outlets on the side of blowers are not protected by a circuit breaker. If the outlet becomes overloaded or short-circuited, it could overheat, posing a fire hazard.

Details of the Safety Recall

The recall includes several models of centrifugal and axial blowers sold under the B-Air, BueDri Pro, and Soleaire brands. So far, no accidents or injuries have been reported. Each blower has convenience outlets on the side of the unit to allow the blowers to be “daisy-chained”, with several blowers or other devices plugged together in series.

The blowers included in the recall were sold in a variety of models and colors. The model numbers can be found on the rear of the products. The blowers, which were manufactured in China, were sold at Home Depot and Lowes stores nationwide and online on Lowes, Amazon, Ebay, and Home Depot’s websites.

The blowers were sold from January 2008 through July 2020 for between $120 and $300. Consumers who have these products at home are asked to immediately stop using the convenience outlets on the side and contact Intertex for free repair. They’ll receive a free cordset adapter with an integrated circuit breaker. Consumers with questions may contact Intertex at 1-800-465-7300 for more information.

Injured by a Defective Product?

Companies that design, manufacture, and distribute products have a duty to ensure that their products are safe for consumers. If the product has an inherent design flaw or manufacturing defect, or if the corporation has failed to warn consumers about defects or dangers posed by the product, you may have a valid product defect claim against the manufacturer, retailer, distributor, and/or other responsible parties.

If a dangerous or defective product has injured you or a loved one, there are several steps you can take to protect your rights. Preserve the item that caused your injuries and save proof of purchase such as a store receipt, which shows that you bought the item. Be sure to get prompt medical attention, care, and treatment for your injuries. Take photos and videos of your visible injuries and document your healing process.

Your medical records can serve as evidence of the injuries you sustained and the treatment you received. It’s a good idea to do some research online, especially on social media, to see if other people have had similar experiences with the same product that caused your injury. Contact an experienced product defect lawyer who can help protect your rights and help you obtain maximum compensation for your losses.



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