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12 Children Sickened by Chemical Exposure at Thousand Oaks Swimming School

12 Children Sickened by Chemical Exposure at Thousand Oaks Swimming School

Twelve minors were taken to hospitals after they were exposed to a pool chemical at a Thousand Oaks swimming pool. According to a report in the Ventura County Star, the incident occurred the evening of Oct. 3 at Daland Swim School on Wilbur Road. Officials said several people were overcome by chemical fumes, which came from excess chlorine being pumped into the pool after residue was left in the chemical feeder. Of the 19 patients, seven required immediate hospitalization and 12 others suffered moderate or minor injuries. All are expected to make a full recovery.

It is indeed fortunate that no one suffered lethal harm in this toxic exposure situation. We wish all the children who were affected the very best for a speedy and complete recovery.

Problem with Pool Pump

The swim school’s owner told the Ventura County Star that there were problems with the circulating pump the day before this incident. A company came out to fix it and it seemed to be working fine, he said. But the pump began to have problems again on Oct. 3 just before the incident and was reset to get the water moving again. The school was closed the day after the incident for inspections by the county’s Environmental Health Department.

Chlorine is commonly used in swimming pools to kill harmful bacteria. However, exposure to dangerous levels of chlorine could cause symptoms such as blurred vision, burning pain, redness of the skin, blisters, coughing, chest tightness, breathing problems, nausea, vomiting, and wheezing. There is no antidote for chlorine exposure and treatment involves supportive care such as inhaled breathing treatments.

Liability Issues

Based on this news report, a problem with a malfunctioning pool pump led to this toxic exposure incident. The swim school apparently tried to get the pool pump fixed the day before this incident occurred. But, the owner of the school says the problem resurfaced again the next day leading to toxic exposure. In such cases, in addition to the school, the maintenance or repair company could be held liable for the children’s injuries.

If the pool pump was faulty or defective, the manufacturer can also be held liable for the injuries and losses. Injured victims can seek compensation for damages such as medical expenses, hospitalization, pain and suffering and emotional distress. An experienced California personal injury lawyer who has successfully handled toxic exposure cases will be able to analyze all aspects of the case and help victims secure fair compensation for their losses.



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