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San Francisco Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

san francisco pedestrian accident lawyers

The San Francisco Pedestrian Accident Lawyers of Bisnar Chase have been representing injured victims and winning cases for over 40 years.

We often take for granted the safety of walking up and down streets, to go shopping, dropping our children off at school, or a date night with your loved one.

But when the unexpected happens, it can prove fatal. Serious to catastrophic injuries resulting in permanent disabilities can happen in the blink of an eye, and if it does happen, Bisnar Chase is in the Top 1% of Personal Injury law firms in the Country with aggressive attorneys who will win your case for maximum compensation, or you do not pay.

This page will cover the following:

  • Top 10 Most Common Pedestrian Accident
  • San Francisco Pedestrian Accident Statistics
  • Top 5 Most Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries
  • Why Is It Important To Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?
  • Receiving Medical Treatment
  • Documenting Injuries in Affiliation to the Accident
  • If We Don't Win, You Don't Pay

None of us think we will ever get into the situation of behind hit, ran over or injured by a vehicle while walking down the street or waiting at a crosswalk, but neither do the countless victims who are severely injured or killed while doing so.

Top 10 Most Common Pedestrian Accident

There are an endless amount of ways people can become injured or killed by vehicles and other transportation. Here is a list of the Top 10 Most Common Pedestrian Accidents:

  1. Jaywalking: Crossing the street in an undesignated area can be not only dangerous, but fatal. Passing transportation/vehicles are not expecting to see a pedestrian in the street, other than designated crosswalks.
  2. Jogging or running at night (especially in dark clothing): You are taking a risk whenever you step into the street. Even when you are in a jog or biking lane, a car could veer off by negligence, distractions or having to avoid a potential hazard and protecting themselves from danger, possibly hurting or killing you by accident. Wearing dark clothes makes it even more difficult to see you. If you are going to run or jog outside, it is advised that you wear bright and reflective clothing, rather than dark and dim clothing.
  3. Road Cycling: As stated above, stepping into the street, whether walking, jogging, skateboarding, cycling on a bicycle or bike or any other means of transportation is risky. Take extreme precautions when doing so.
  4. Stop sign and stop light runners: Not all drivers are safe drivers who follow the rules and laws of the road. Some people want to get places quicker, or could possibly themselves be in a hurry to the hospital. When attempting to cross the street at a designated crosswalk, look both ways to make sure there is no oncoming traffic, and ensure they come to a complete stop before walking out in front of their car.
  5. Intoxicated or Distracted Drivers: Driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other substances, such as prescription pain medication, can have catastrophic results. Also using a cell phone, changing the radio station or doing some sort of other act that distracts or diverts your attention from driving your vehicle or motorcycle can be the last thing you do being the driver, and could easily take out a group of small children crossing the street to school. Think twice before responding or reading that text message, and make sure all cars approaching you are fully aware, and even signal you to cross in front of them, once to a complete stop.
  6. Driver Error: Not all drivers are created equal. There are good drivers, then there are really bad drivers. Some people have a hesitant driving style, swerve, inability to properly judge the distance between stop signs, stop lights and cross walks, or don't pay attention to other drivers or pedestrians on the road. These characteristics of a bad driver plus others can almost guarantee a problem at some point, potentially fatally injuring someone if the driving is not appropriate in their environment.
  7. Auto Defect: It's not always the drivers fault. Sometimes the vehicle actually becomes subject to a flaw, whether it is the brake system, steering, stuck accelerator, etc. This can result in catastrophic results for the driver, pedestrians, other drivers on the roads and others standing by in the path of the faulty vehicle and flying debris.
  8. Premise Liability: Even if you are a safe driver, sometimes a bump in the road or sudden fallen object landing in the road can cause a severe situation, such as a fallen stop light or power pole, a vehicle striking it, and sending materials and even the car into a group of skateboarders waiting to cross the street.
  9. Negligence or reckless driving: Speeding drivers racing around, attempting donuts, wheelies or just swerving out of control can cause them to lose control of their vehicles, potentially sending their car careening into a roadside cafe or group of innocent bystanders.
  10. Wrong-doing: As in recent terror attacks, wrong-doing could be the case of a catastrophic event. Someone plowing their car into a crowded area or restaurant, attempting to cause catastrophic damage, or an angry person with road rage can lead to a wrongful death.

San Francisco Pedestrian Accident Statistics

As in all densely populated cities, accidents, injuries and fatalities are inevitable. In San Francisco and other parts of the Bay Area, cycling, jogging, other forms of transportation and touring/sight-seeing activities are very popular.

In recent year's study:

  • Out of approximately 35 traffic fatalities
  • About 5-10% were cyclist
  • 20-35% were driving
  • 50%+ were walking or pedestrians
  • Since 2009, traffic fatalities began to spike
  • The spike peaked in 2013
  • Traffic fatalities have been decreasing since

To learn more about San Francisco Pedestrian Accidents, Injuries and statistics visit

Top 5 Most Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries

san francisco pedestrian accident lawyerThere are many ways people can get hurt in the city. Just doing everyday activities, at work, recreational, sporting and so on. Regardless, we should always have our eyes open and watching for potential dangers and threats to our health and safety, as well as others around us.

Here are the Top 5 Most Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries that people experience in San Francisco, CA:

  1. Bone Fractures & Sprains: Will all of the stairways, city sidewalks, curbs and uneven pavement foundations, twisted ankles, broken arms and leg injuries are prevalent in the up and down streets of San Fran.
  2. Head & Brain Injuries: Again, due to hills, slopes, inclines and ramps, wet surfaces can become slippery due to mildew, water and other substances, causing an ideal environment for slips and falls, concussions and even skull fractures and hemorrhages.
  3. Back & Spinal Injuries: Going hand and hand with slips and falls, inclines and declines, losing balance backwards or forwards can result in landing on ones neck, or back, potentially resulting in spinal injuries, paralysis and even more serious and catastrophic injuries.
  4. Cuts & Lacerations: San Francisco is an older city, full of beautiful design, architecture and original structures. Unfortunately, over time, these areas begin to degrade and become dangerous and more of a premise liability, than a piece of art. Rusty and sharp handrails, metal spines and rot-iron protruding from the concrete and other dangerous objects that can cause severe cuts, scrapes, lacerations and wounds, that have the ability to result in serious infection and even death.
  5. Internal Injuries: Besides falling from a ledge, down a stairwell or off a curb, the vast quantities of speeding, distracted and recklessly driving vehicles provides a deadly hazard of its own. One small step into the busy city streets can land you waking up in the hospital, unknowing of what happened, but with severe internal bleeding, a concussion, multiple broken bones and very high medical costs.
The city of San Francisco and Bay Area can be a beautiful place to live and visit, as long as you stay alert and safe, as anywhere else you may go.

Why Is It Important To Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

While many people feel they are capable of dealing with their case throughout the litigation process on their own, you never know what kind of dead ends or speed bumps you may face in the process.

Having a skilled and experienced pedestrian accident lawyer or personal injury attorney represent you is most advised, to protect you and the outcome of your case. If you want maximum compensation, hire a trained and experienced top rated legal team.

At Bisnar Chase, our legal staff have been representing injured victims for over 40 years, have won over $650 Million for their clients and have established a 99% success rate.

san francisco pedestrian accident attorneyThe legal system can throw curve balls when you least expect it, and having a legal expert who understands the ins-and-outs, techniques and strategies. A skilled lawyer who has the resources to establish a solid win and maximum compensation for you is your best bet towards victory, finding justice, and holding those accountable for their negligence, carelessness and or wrong-doing.

Receiving Medical Treatment

Whether you were hit by a car crossing a crosswalk, a drunk driver jumping the curb and smashing you into a wall, or a car reversing out of a parking spot and hitting you on your bicycle, you are going to need medical attention. Depending on the severity of the event, EMS should evaluate you and taken to see either an emergency room, urgent care or your primary care physician for a follow up on your injuries.

There are injuries that are consistent with pedestrian accident that seem to be mild but can actually be silent and extremely dangerous, if not deadly, such as a concussion or internal bleeding. It is better to be safe than sorry in these circumstances.

Besides ensuring your health and safety are up to par, another key aspect to seeking medical attention immediately following your pedestrian accident is documenting your injuries in accordance to the situation.

Documenting Injuries in Affiliation to the Accident

Getting your injuries documented as soon as possible immediately following your accident is very important to the outcome of your case. Not being able to prove that your injuries were a direct result of the incident can make or break your case.

Photos, videos, witnesses and any other content you can gather as soon as possible will only better your chances at having a successful and victorious case result.

If you are not able to prove that your injuries did in fact result from the incident, the case could sway into arguing your injuries were already there, or happened after the event, and even possibly used to look like the accident was more severe than it truly was.

If We Don't Win Your Case, You Do Not Pay

Our personal injury law firm is a contingency-based legal practice, which means we will advance costs throughout your case to make sure you get what you need and deserve.

If in fact by the end of your case we do not successfully win your case, you do not owe anything. No hidden fees or costs, and everything we advanced will be covered by us, and only our loss.

We are so confident that if we sign your case, our team of pedestrian accident lawyers and top rated personal injury attorneys have what it takes to win your case through skill, experience and resources obtained throughout over four decades of experience.

Bisnar Chase Will Fight For You

The San Francisco Pedestrian Accident Attorneys of Bisnar Chase have been representing and winning cases and have established an impressive 99% success rate, while winning over $650 Million for our clients.

The legal staff at our law firm are dedicated to you and your case, and do everything in their ability to ensure you get the best legal representation possible.

We want to help you, your loved ones and family get their lives back, maximum compensation, justice served and those held accountable for their negligence and or wrong doing.

Call for your Free Case Evaluation and Consultation Call 415-358-0723.

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