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San Francisco Dog Bite Lawyers

san francisco dog bite attorney

The San Francisco Dog Bite Lawyers of Bisnar Chase have been representing dog bite victims and winning their cases for over 40 years. From infants to toddlers, children, teens, young adults, adults to the elderly, dogs do not discriminate.

Our law firm has a high level of skill when it comes to dog bites, because of our dedication and passion to helping injured victims. Dog bites can be especially traumatizing, as well as causing severe and catastrophic injuries, resulting in permanent disabilities, disfigurements and serious health problems.

First and foremost, your best way to go about experiencing a dog bite or dog attack is to seek medical attention immediately, having your injuries documented immediately and contacting a skilled and experienced San Francisco Personal Injury Attorney. Bisnar Chase offers a Free consultation at 415-358-0723.

This page will cover:

  • The Importance of Hiring a Dog Bite Attorney
  • Top 10 States for Dog Bite Claims
  • Dog Bite Statistics
  • Dogs With and Without a History of Aggressive Behavior
  • Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds
  • California Dog Bite Laws
  • Why You Must Seek Medical Attention Immediately
  • Documenting Your Injuries in Affiliation to the Dog Bite
  • How to Avoid Future Dog Attack Situations
  • What To Do in the Event of a Dog Attack
  • PTSD and Affects Dog Bites Have on Victims
  • Details on Our Contingency-Based Law Firm

The Importance of Hiring a Dog Bite Attorney

san francisco dog bite lawyerHandling your own case seems possible and often the only choice due to financial issues, but are often overwhelming, confusing and many times impossible to do so in complex situations and difficult cases.

Many people seem to think that dog bites are not serious unless a severe injury is inflicted, but this is not always true. As dog bites can leave a lasting impression, so can your following actions, from a legal perspective.

Everything you do, from before, during and immediately after the dog attack occurred, is crucial and directly affiliated with the incident and your case.

Thinking that you are capable of taking on your case as your own personal legal representative throughout the litigation process is ambitious and shows confidence.

But this can lead to much stress, higher fees in other areas, case settlement taking much longer than efficiently necessary, and the high potential of you losing your case, due to lack of legal experience.

Our dog bite attorneys have been representing and winning cases for maximum compensation for over 40 years, and understand what it takes to win your case in the shortest time possible, and for as much compensation return to the client as possible.

Not only dog bite cases, but the majority of all legal cases are fought back by aggressive defense attorneys and legal battles can become very demanding.

That's why Bisnar Chase dog bite injury lawyers are here, and that is to fight back with the most aggression, sophistication and professionalism, in order to be the "top dog" and win your case, hands down, for maximum compensation, or you don't pay.

Top 10 States for Dog Bite Claims

Dog bites occur every single day, in cities all across America. But due to environment, weather, population and transportation, some states have high dog attack rates than others. According to, here is a list of the Top 10 States for Dog Bite Claims:

  1. Georgia: With over 460 claims, Georgia starts our countdown of Top 10 states for dog bites. Claims averaged just over $29,000 each, coming in at over $13.6 million paid out.
  2. New Jersey: Over 530 claims, averaging over $53,000 each and almost $29 million paid out.
  3. Michigan: Over 780 claims, averaging almost $28,000 each and nearly $22 million paid out.
  4. Ohio: 850 claims, averaging over $34,000 each, paying out over $29 million.
  5. Illinois: 910 claims, averaging nearly $43,000 each and paying out $39 million.
  6. Texas: Over 920 claims, almost $22,000 claims and over $20 million paid out.
  7. Pennsylvania: 988 claims, averaging nearly $25,000 and over $24.6 million paid out.
  8. New York: Well over 1,000 claims, averaging over $55,500 each and paying out over $58 million.
  9. Florida: Over 1,300, each averaging about $37,000 and paying out over $49.5 million.
  10. California: Coming in number one, are the dog lovers of California. With over 1,930 claims, averaging over $39,400, California dog bite settlement pay outs reached over $76.3 million.

Dog Bite Statistics

It can be alarming, that California has the highest volume of dog bites in the entire country. With the dense population of the Bay area, high volume of foot traffic and congested areas, dog bites are going to be inevitable as long as dogs are present, negligence does not have to be a factor.

  • In recent years, there were 35 dog bite fatalities
  • 1 out of 5 dog bites will get infected
  • Untreated animal bites can lead to muscle, bone and nerve damage
  • MRSA, pasteurella, tetanus and rabies can be transmitted by dog bites
  • Out of almost 5 million dog bite victims every year
  • 850 thousand of these incidents need medical attention
  • 10-20% of dig bite victims
  • Children make up the majority of that percentage
san fransisco dog bite injuries

Dogs with or without an aggressive history

People like to stereotype breeds and types of dogs into vicious monsters, while passing a couple down the street with a growling chihuahua who say, "don't worry, it's all bark, our precious Fiona wouldn't hurt you..."

It's not what we say here at Bisnar Chase as dog bite attorneys and animal attack lawyers, it is reality. Dogs, cats and animals of every kind have the potential of becoming aggressive at any moment, even if that animal has had no prior history of hostile or violent behavior in the past.

There are many reasons a dog with no prior aggressive past can become vicious:

  • Feeling threatened or suddenly in danger
  • Suffering from an illness, disease, infection or injury
  • On a heat cycle
  • Protecting their young
  • Abused animals showing dominance to avoid future neglect
  • A puppy or young animal turning into an adult
  • Teething
  • Environment
  • Genes

Although the last bullet is usually a very controversial topic, it is true regarding certain aspects. Genes are strong characteristics living things have no control over having. Defined by U.S. National Library of Medicine, "A gene is the basic physical and functional unit of heredity. Genes, which are made up of DNA, act as instructions to make molecules called proteins." You can learn more about genes and the Human Genome Project at U.S. National Library of Medicine for more info.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

Small dogs, medium dogs, large dogs and huge dogs; it doesn't matter how big the bark, it's all about the bite. Dangerous dog breeds is a very controversial topic, and can get heated quickly, due to the passion and dedication dog owners have towards their beloved pup.

But the fact of the matter, all dogs, regardless or their nurturing upbringing, from a scientific and logical approach, do in fact carry specific traits, genes and characteristics in their DNA, in which they are unable to control.

Some of these genes, like the need for excess exercise and running due to an intense hyperactive amount of energy, like cattle dogs and herders, or the need to fetch and retrieve, like the family favorite Golden Retrievers and Labradors have.

But within nature holds the DNA of warriors, masters of the hunt, offense, and need the to be the alpha, dominator, and powerhouse of the family. In these breeds carry some of the most powerful, fickle, hard to read, and potentially deadly characteristics of all the dog breeds, making them, The Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds:

  1. Caucasian Shepherd
  2. Pit Bull
  3. Perro de Presa Canario (A.K.A  Canary Mastiff)
  4. Rottweilers
  5. Fila Brasileiro (A.K.A. Brazilian Mastiff)
  6. Alaskan Malamute
  7. Wolfdog (Domestic & Wolf hybrid)
  8. Bullmastiff
  9. Husky
  10. Doberman Pinschers

California Dog Bite Laws

Many people wonder if the event they experienced was harmful enough to sue or press legal charges. Whether the chihuahua next door who nipped their ankles, Buddy the lab who playfully bit the neighbors are a little too rough while playing fetch (non-aggressive accidental bite), to the vicious pitbull or Rottweilers who got out of their harness or gated area and mauled someone.

A dog biting someones arm and not breaking the skin is still enough for the victim to press charges. While California has a strict liability dog bite statute and is applied to the animal's history, other laws make it possible for taking appropriate steps to reducing or depleting the possibility of that animal harming someone ever again.

When a dog has bitten a human two separate times, there is protocol that is taken to ensure it does not happen again. To dogs that have been trained to attack, fight and kill that have harmed humans on multiple occasions, the animal's destruction is a possible result, if confinement is not a solution. (Cal. Civil Code § 3342.5).

In San Francisco you must be able to provide registration and vaccinations if your dog is 4 months or older and when in public, your dog must be on a leash, and the leash must be in your hand, not tied to a post, belt loop or other structure; in your hand.

The law has some limits, and can get very complex, but for the most part, the dog owner is liable if the injured person was bitten and in a public place, or legally in a private place at the time of the accident.

To learn more about California dog bites you can visit and read through the California Civil Code - Damages PDF.

Why You Must Seek Medical Attention Immediately

Health and safety should be everyone's first priority when face to face with a dog bite or dog attack situation. Dog and other animal bites can become infected and cause serious and often fatal injuries if not properly treated right away.

Why is it important to seek medical attention immediately following a dog bite or attack?

There are other reasons to seeking medical attention right away. Usually in the case of a dog bite, when someone seeks medical attention, the injuries are documented and properly treated. The major benefit of having your injuries documented will help you and your case as it gets deeper and deeper into the litigation process.

Documenting Your Injuries in Affiliation to the Dog Bite

san francisco dog attack lawyerFrom time to time, there are "fraudulent victims" just looking for compensation. Fake slip and falls, saying someone's dog bit them when they didn't, and so on. This is why it is important to have your injuries documented in affiliation to the dog bite or attack, to prove that the injuries did occur as the direct result of the incident.

When someone moves forward with a dog bite case, who has "injuries that were caused by a dog bite," it is difficult to prove that the injuries were in fact the result of the actual dog bite the case is actually about. If there is no medical documentation of your injuries happing from the situation, often times it can make or break the case.

How to Avoid Future Dog Attack Situations

If you have already experienced a dog bite or dog attack, you should consult with one of our skilled dog bite attorneys who have over 40 years experience in representing and winning dog attack cases, otherwise, here are some steps you can take to better avoid dangerous situation events with dogs and other animals that could attack.

First, remember that common sense and safety must be your top priority.

Avoiding Provoked Attacks

  • Never approach an unfamiliar animal, even if restrained to a leash, gated yard or indoors
  • Always slowly let a dog or animal sniff your hand
  • Never antagonize a restrained or loose animal
  • Do not run from, chase or intimidate a restrained or loose animal
  • Don't irritate, poke at or bother an animal while they are eating, sleeping or going to the bathroom
  • Never pressure, bother or mess with an animal and their babies
  • Never put your face near another animals face
  • Don't waste your time with a growling or obviously irritated animal

Staying Safe During an Attack

Many times, dog bites and animal attacks are unprovoked, meaning you did nothing to issue the engagement of the attack. This could be due to an animal that is already angered, in self defense mode, scared, traumatized, confused as in misidentifying you for prey or a threat, deranged and suffering from some sort of illness or disease.

If you find your self in a situation where a dog is chasing you or about to charge, here are some tips you can use to better the situation and possibly save your life and limbs, even loved ones, friends or strangers near you.

  • Don't panic
  • Don't run
  • Try and look and sound bigger and louder than the dog
  • Look for something to jump onto in which you can keep the dog or animal off of
  • Save younger children and women; they could be more prone to becoming more severely injured or killed
  • If possible, run inside, jump into a car, or over a fence in which there are no other dogs, and make sure the door is secure

In the Event of Being Attacked

If you were not able to run or find safe shelter and are now experience physical confrontation with the dog or animal, it is important to keep vital parts of your body covered, protected and safe such as:

  • Neck
  • Face
  • Eyes
  • Wrists
  • Areas prone to extreme arterial bleeding

For more information on how to avoid dog bites and other statistics, visit

If you or a loved one has experienced a dog attack, call our San Francisco Dog Bite Lawyers for your Free consultation, and see if your situation qualifies.

Bisnar Chase has signed and agreed to many cases other law firms have denied, because at Bisnar Chase, our personal injury attorneys have the skill, experience, resources and ability to take on complex cases, represent our injured victims and fight until the end, winning maximum compensation, or you do not pay.

PTSD and Affects Dog Bites Have on Victims

Dog bites and animal attacks are very traumatizing and can often have long lasting if not permanent damage on the victim's emotions and metal health, not to mention severe and permanently disabling injuries.

PTSD, or post traumatic stress disorder is common after a victim experiences a dog bite or attack. The event can shake a person emotionally and mentally so violently, that they can re-live, consistently visualize, suffer from nightmares and the constant fear and anxiety of it reoccurring.

Symptoms may include and are not limited to:

  • Insomnia
  • Change in appetite
  • Behavior problems
  • Increased anger or depression
  • High levels of anxiety and stress

This amount of stress can lead to weight loss, severe anxiety problems, which can lead to physical medical conditions. Fear of living life day to day as normal, going outside and spending time or going places with friends, families and loved ones can become overwhelming and take over the victim's life.

If you have experienced a traumatic dog bite or animal attack, call our dedicated and passionate San Francisco dog bite lawyers who can help determine the best route for you to take, a Free consultation and even help find solutions such as therapy, counseling and activities to get your life back where it used to be.

To learn more about PTSD after a dog attack, visit

You Don't Pay If We Don't Win

Our law firm has been representing clients of personal injuries, car accidents and many other situations in which a person or group of people were injured, ranging from minor injuries, to severe injuries, permanent disabilities and wrongful deaths. For over 40 years we have established a 99% success rate because of our legal team's dedication, passion for helping our clients, and making you and your case our top priority.

Bisnar Chase is a contingency-based law firm, which means we will advance costs throughout your case, provide superior client representation, and if we end up not winning your case you do not pay anything. To learn more about contingency fees and how they work, visit

Bisnar Chase Will Fight For You

Dog bites are very serious and should have the best legal representation. San Francisco Dog Bite Attorneys of Bisnar Chase have been representing and winning these cases for over 40 years and have established a recognized and impressive 99% success rate.

Our lawyers, paralegals, negotiators, litigation team and other staff members have won over $650 Million for our clients and have changed the lives of so many. Our law firm wants to help injured victims get their lives back, receive maximum compensation and all while having the support and care of our staff here at Bisnar Chase.

For a Free Case Evaluation and Consultation Call 415-358-0723.

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