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San Francisco Defective Product Lawyers

San Francisco Auto Defect Lawyers

The San Francisco Defective Product Lawyers of Bisnar Chase are highly skilled and successful in representing and winning these cases for injured victims in San Francisco and throughout the country.

For over 40 years, our law firm has been dedicated to helping victims who experienced the negative results of a product defect, getting their lives back to normal.

From sudden vehicle acceleration to malfunctioning airbag complications, our legal team has the resources and skill to take on, represent and win even the most complex of cases.

If you want to win maximum compensation for the traumatic experiences, injuries, pain and suffering and more you or your loved ones have experienced, call our San Francisco Personal Injury Lawyers for your Free consultation at 415-358-0723.

This page will cover the following:

  • What is a Defective Product?
  • Why are Defective Products Dangerous?
  • 3 Types of Hazardous Product Defects
  • Types of Product Defect Accidents
  • How To Make Sure You Have No Defective Products
  • Top 5 Most Deadly Defective Products of All Time
  • Class Action Defective Product Cases
  • Hiring a Lawyer You Trust
  • You Don't Pay If We Don't Win
  • Bisnar Chase Will Fight For You

What is a Defective Product?

As consumers of foods, beverages, tools, cleaning supplies, automobiles, toys and so on, we have faith that the company and manufacturer has put safety ahead of profits to ensure customer satisfaction, and more important, safety.

But what happens when due to negligence, laziness or recklessness a product becomes "defective," or imperfect? Depending on the situation, a product can be inadequate and a safety hazard to the consumer.

When a person is injured by a defective product, becomes ill, experiences other personal damages or is wrongfully-killed, legal action must be pursued.

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Why are Defective Products Dangerous?

The most dangerous part about defective products is that sometimes they can be dangerous, cause hazardous situations and even deadly. Their are many types of hazards that can be contributed to product defects such as:

  • Burns
  • Cuts
  • Choking
  • Illness
  • Crushing
  • Fractures
  • Car Accidents
  • Blindness
  • Coma
  • Death

Sometimes even when a product looks like it is perfect and has no flaws, it can fall apart, explode or defect during use, in the middle of the night, during travel and when you least expect it.

Not knowing when the defect is going to become active can be the most dangerous aspect of a defective product, resulting in unexpected, sudden and surprising situations that cause panic, worsening the situation.

3 Types of Hazardous Product Defects

Generally speaking, a product defect is a "flaw" in a product that is not normally there, but when actually getting specific, which is important in legal cases, there are 3 types of hazardous product defects:

  1. Manufacturing Defects: When a product has an issue or flaw, which is not a normality of the consistent product, occurring during the manufacturing process. This can happen as result of the product shifting slightly out of line while on the assembly line or during a systematic process, or having another defected part, piece or product installed, mounted or added to itself.
  2. Marketing Defects: The mislabeling of a product, inadequate safety information or a lack there of, stands true as a defect of the marketing process. Falsely marketing a product or improperly providing information that could help save a life or prevent injuries can result in a case of negligence. It is the responsibility of the company to ensure the safety of their product and customer or be held accountable.
  3. Design Defects: When the overall design of the product has dangerous aspects to it, this is considered a design defect. This does not consist of inconsistent flaws or one-time defects, but the literal structure and design of the product. Example: A baby stroller that has a looping cord or string to hold the stroller together when collapsed, poses a potential strangling hazard, and as result, is a design defect.

When these defects are discovered, it is usually one of the following ways or collectively:

  • Customer complaint/report
  • Organizations that monitor and check products for consumer safety hazards
  • Company discovery resulting in product recall
  • Media: news, social media, etc.

Types of Product Defect Accidents

Product defects often happen when we least expect them to. A major concern with this is that they can not only affect and injure the person directly in contact with the product, but also those nearby.

Depending on the product, a variety of defects can occur:

  • Explosions
  • Disintegration
  • Cracking
  • Melting
  • Interference
  • Reactions

Sudden reactions can cause unexpected panic, leading to car accidents, involuntary or voluntary movements to avoid any hazards, again resulting in injury to people nearby.

San Francisco Defective Product LawyerAs innocent as a whip cream canister, which killed a popular fitness blogger, when the canister defected and exploded, sending a blow to her chest, stopping her heart, and killing her.

How To Make Sure You Have No Defective Products

Are you making sure your family, friends, loved ones and yourself are safe from product hazards, recalls and defects? How can you be so sure?

Just doing some basic researching on products you already own can be very helpful. Just try googling information you are already concerned about, or for exact data on product defects and recalls on hazardous items and products, visit Consumer Product Safety Commission ( and find out once and for all.

It's impossible to stay up to date on every recall and product defect out there, but doing some research before and after purchasing an item, handed-down item or a score at a weekend garage sale or thrift shop run can save you and your loved ones a trip to the hospital emergency room or worse.

Top 5 Most Deadly Defective Products of All Time

Throughout time, there have been many products that have experienced flaws, imperfections and even catastrophic defects. Some of the most famous have been recorded over time on the news, in the media, movies and even social network sites.

Here is a list of the Top 5 Most Deadly Defective Products of All Time:

  1. Firestone Tires (2000): A popular and trusted brand of tire, blowing out and sending vehicles out of control, caused many accidents on the road, with a recall of 6.5 million tires - Read more about this Tire Defect.
  2. Ford Pinto Recall (1978): The Ford Pinto was designed with a gas tank placement that made fires and explosions a high risk factor in rear-end collision, but decided it was cheaper to pay out burn-victim lawsuits, then fix the defect - Read more about this Auto Defect.
  3. Toyota Sticking Gas Pedal (2010): Ever worry about your car randomly accelerating and not being able to stop? Well, to Toyota owners, it became a reality - Read more about this Auto Acceleration Defect.
  4. E. Coli Spinach Recall (2006): Make sure you wash your fruits and veggies, and even then, you still might get sick. A large number of people became ill after consuming spinach, 51% of which became hospitalized - Read more about the E. Coli Spinach Recall.
  5. Tylenol (1982 & 2010):Two separate occasions, Tylenol released a less than expected, rather unexpected quality of their popular every day drug - Read more about the Multiple Defective Tylenol Recalls.

Class Action Defective Product Cases

Many large companies who have large distribution, can release a product to the public with defects which can affect huge quantities of people. Similar symptoms ranging from mild to severe and in some cases, rare symptoms can affect those with stronger reactions, weaker immune systems and more sensitivities to the issue.

These situations is where you see Class Action Lawsuits being filed on behalf of multiple victims of the same product defect or issue.

Often, people feel that their voice won't matter, or their vote make a difference, but it does. Class action lawsuits can often have many individuals involved, seeking justice against companies like AOL, Exxon, Enron, Walmart, Sephora and so on.

Fraudulent charges, negligence or wrongdoings by company founders, owners, staff and other team members were called and forced to reimburse and or compensate the victims and plaintiffs.

Sometimes it is only a small amount of compensation, less than a dollar per plaintiff in some cases, and in other class action cases, such as the Tobacco Settlements against RJ Reynolds, Philip Morris and a couple other tobacco companies, a $206 Billion settlement was reached.

While it is inevitable that your specific situation will always differ from the norm, Bisnar Chase promises they will fight for you and those affected, to achieve maximum compensation for the victims affected.

Hiring a Lawyer You Trust

san francisco product defect lawyersIt is very important that the trust you have in your attorney is strong. When going through your case, you may have to express yourself and give information that is personal or of sensitive nature and having trust that your word and case is dependant on your lawyer is everything.

Your legal representative can also be there for you in a time of emotional need, and having a good connection can be the deciding factor of how truly you can vent and relate with your attorney.

Lawyers carry a stereotype of being after the money first, and the client second, at best. But at Bisnar Chase, you become a part of our family, where you are never put on the back burner at any point.

Your case is always being cared for, all of your questions are welcomed and all of our staff want to be there for you and your loved ones in this time of need. That is why you should count on us. We put the client first.

Remember Bisnar Chase by our Mission Statement:

"To provide superior client representation in a compassionate and professional manner while making our world a safer place."

You Don't Pay If We Don't Win

Winning your case and making your life better is what we would like to do for you. We are professionals who have been doing this for over 40 years and know how to make complex cases turn into maximum compensation wins.

With a 99% success rate, we have a list of highly satisfied clients that can tell you their story of what it was like having Bisnar Chase represent them in their case. If we don't win, you don't pay.

Other law firms will promise a contingency fee, and that you don't pay anything if your case is not won, but even if your case is lost, there could be hidden fees and costs that were not brought up in the beginning, but did lay dormant in the fine print until the verdict of your settlement or case.

Beware of lawyers that over-promise and offer services for Free for a limited time. Our firm offers a Free Consultation and case review, but this is for your benefit and ours, to ensure that we are giving you our honest opinion and whether or not we can say with confidence, that we would like to represent you and your case.

Visit our client testimonials and video testimonials page to hear their reviews of our firm.

Bisnar Chase Will Fight For You

Our San Francisco Defective Product Attorneys and Personal Injury Lawyers have the resources to win even the most complex of cases. Our firm accepts and signs cases all of the time, that were previously rejected and denied by other well-known law firms because of their inability and lack of confidence in reaching a victorious settlement or verdict.

Bisnar Chase has won over $650 Million for our clients and have over 40 years of experience. Let us represent you and your case so we can win you maximum compensation and get your life back.

Choose a law firm that is more than capable of representing you and your case, confident in their approach, of high standards and holding a strong and respectable reputation in the community and world of law.

The legal team at Bisnar Chase want to be involved and represent you and your case, to win and get you maximum compensation. Call us for your Free consultation and Case Evaluation at 415-358-0723.

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