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San Francisco Car Accident Lawyers

san francisco car accident lawyers

San Francisco Car Accident Lawyers at Bisnar Chase are here to fight and win for you. Our law firm has over 39 years of experience and has won over $650 Million for our clients. Become one of our successes and we guarantee maximum compensation.

Obtaining the wise counsel of a skilled and experienced San Francisco Personal Injury Lawyers beneficial and can dramatically increase your chances of receiving much more compensation and in a shorter amount of time.

Car accidents can be very traumatic experiences. They can be financially devastating, emotionally draining and a mental frenzie. Between dealing with your own issues, negotiating with insurance adjusters, overwhelming legal information and every other aspect included, it can many times be a painful and chaotic time.

The high possibility of not understanding all of the legal terminology and processes can be a failing factor towards being compensated and winning your settlement or case.

If you have been injured or have experienced a car accident, once you have sought medical attention, contact a law firm that knows how to win. Choose a car accident firm that cares about their clients and always puts them first and their number one priority.

Call successful, reputable and trusted San Francisco Car Accident Lawyers at Bisnar Chase at 415-358-0723.

Top 20 Most Common Causes of Car Accidents in San Francisco

San Francisco is know for a number of things, like the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and it's culturally diverse population, food and art scene, but it is also known for its traffic and fender-bender-prone downtown and suburb streets.

Here is a list of the Top 20 Most Common Causes of Car Accidents in San Francisco:

  1. Night Driving
  2. Teen Drivers
  3. Fog
  4. Pot Holes
  5. Tire Blowouts
  6. Road Rage
  7. Deadly Curves
  8. Drowsy Driving
  9. Wrong-way driving
  10. Snow/Ice/Rain
  11. Improper Turns
  12. Tailgating
  13. Unsafe Lane Changes
  14. Auto Defects
  15. Running Red Lights and Stop Signs
  16. Animal Crossings
  17. Reckless Driving/Street Racing
  18. Drunk Driving (Drugs/Intoxicated Driving)
  19. Speeding
  20. Distracted Driving

Car Accidents Statistics in San Francisco

san francisco car accident statistics lawyers With San Francisco's high population in a dense city environment, lots of cars and consistent foot and vehicle travel, accidents are inevitable.

In a recent years study, the California Highway Patrol's Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS) indicated the following:

  • 31 people were killed
  • 3,740 were injured in San Francisco car crashes
  • 16 pedestrians lost their lives
  • 942 were injured in car collisions
  • Car accidents also took the life of 2 bicyclists and injured 658
  • Motorcycle accidents killed nine and injured 398
  • Impaired-driver car crashes resulted in 12 fatalities and 293 injuries

Insurance Companies Are Not Your Friend

When you are in a car accident and need help from insurance companies, you may find that everything you thought was once promised, wasn't actually available to you.

Insurance companies are in this business for a reason; to make money. Sure, insurance is great to have and they can do great things, but when it comes to you receiving max compensation, they will do everything in their power to make sure they save as much money as possible.

If you have already contacted your insurance provider and have noticed suspicious, malicious, negligent or wrongdoing, bring this up to your car accident attorney immediately.

To learn more about fraud, scams and insurance negligence visit the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud.

Once you have properly sought medical attention, contact an experienced car accident attorney immediately.

Medical Attention and Documentation

It is common sense to seek medical attention immediately following a car accident or personal injury. Some people do not, and this is a bad decision for a few reasons.

When you experience a car accident or personal injury, seeking medical attention has the following benefits for you and your case:

  • Increases your chances of avoiding long-term injuries and disabilities
  • Lowers your chances of infection and disease
  • Documents the injuries
  • Associates your injuries with the accident

The ability to prove your injuries were in result of the accident is crucial, and a wining or losing factor. Seeking medical attention immediately is the best way of doing this.

Proper medical attention consists of:

  • Ambulance/Emergency First Responders
  • Emergency Room/Hospital
  • Urgent Care

Ensure that where you seek medical attention are licensed and currently practicing. Having a friend, family member or loved one is better than no medical attention, but we suggest that anyone who has experienced a personal injury or some type of accident should seek professional care.

Professional medical care is also the most legitimate form of documentation you can use towards winning your case, settlement and or compensation.

Don't Connect Past Injuries with Current Car Accident

If you get into a car accident, and subsequently seek compensation for your medical losses, knowledgeable San Francisco car accident lawyers advise not to exaggerate your losses.

If you already suffer from medical conditions before your accident occurred, never connect the symptoms of any existing medical problems with your car accident. Doing so will only cause the claims adjuster or defense attorney to view your claim as exaggerated and disbelieve anything you say about your injuries and treatment.

In most instances, such a case will have to go to trial, and not the settlement table, before you have the opportunity to recovery that you believe is "fair."

The best San Francisco car collision lawyers will tell you that these complications can be avoided by simply keeping an accurate written record of the medical losses that relate directly to your car accident.

Your credibility will be enhanced at settlement time, resulting in much higher dividends.

Let Bisnar Chase Represent You and Win

Our skilled and highly experienced San Francisco Car Accident Lawyers have won over $650 Million for our clients and have established an impressive 96% Success Rate.

With over 39 years of experience, the attorneys, paralegals, legal advisors, mediators and other staff at the law offices of Bisnar Chase have a solid and reputable name in the legal world.

We are trusted and feared by many, and strive to find justice in all. We will fight for you regardless of the uphill battles, until we win maximum compensation for you, or you do not pay anything.

If you have been injured in or have experienced a car accident, don't wait for statute of limitations, and call us today.

For a Free Case Evaluation and Consultation Call 415-358-0723.

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