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San Francisco Auto Defect Lawyers

San Francisco Auto Defect Lawyers

The San Francisco Auto Defect Lawyers of Bisnar Chase have been representing injured victims and winning their cases for over 40 years. From sudden vehicle acceleration to malfunctioning airbag complications, our legal team has the resources and skill to take on, represent and win your case.

If you want to win maximum compensation for the traumatic experiences, injuries, pain and suffering and more you or your loved ones have experienced, call our San Francisco Personal Injury Lawyers for your Free consultation at 415-358-0723.

This page will cover the following:

What is an Auto Defect?

San Francisco Auto Defect AttorneysAuto defects can result from many aspects of manufacturing errors, engineering issues or the misuse or lack of the correct part or system function. Auto defects are very dangerous and can be slight in appearance, but cause catastrophic situations and horrific accidents.

Some auto defects happen but are not a safety issue, such as issues with:

  • Radio
  • Air conditioner
  • Rust on body panel
  • Cosmetic

More serious auto defects that can result in an accident, serious injury or fatal crash:

For more types of auto defects, explore our search bar using the magnifying glass at

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Why Are Auto Defects Dangerous?

Problems or defects that exist in the vehicle somewhere, can cause seriously devastating problems in the blink of an eye, without any warning, when you least expect it.

When driving down the mountain from a weekend in the snow with the family and the brakes fail, or in a car accident when the seatbelts fail, a tire blows out due to a flaw in the wall of the tire, these are all possible situations that do happen from time to time that could cause serious injuries resulting in fatalities, property damage and compensation for survivors and injured victims.

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Top 5 Most Infamous Auto Defect

Over the years, many different auto makers and auto part manufacturers have experienced auto defects and product recalls due to the dangers of accidents, serious, catastrophic and fatal injuries occurring. Here is a list of the Top 5 Most Infamous Auto Defects in America.

  1. Ford's faulty cruise control deactivation switch could short and ignite. A total of 14.9 million vehicles were recalled from years 1992-2004. The company that manufactured the defective switch was Texas Instruments.
  2. Ford Pinto - years 1971-1976; the gap between the gas tank in the rear of the vehicle to a set of bolts that could pierce the gas tank in the event of a rear-end collision could cause an explosion and fire, fueled a media frenzy when Ford decided it was cheaper to pay off lawsuits and settlements to burn victims of the auto defect than to recall the vehicle and fixing the problem.
  3. 1970-1980 - Ford's park to reverse automatic transmission defect would have been the largest recall in history if the Department of Transportation (DOT) hadn't agreed to a settlement in 1980 when the defect was found. After receiving more than 23,000 complaints, 6,000 accidents, over 1,700 injuries with 98 attributed to the defect in which when the vehicle appeared to be in "park," could slip into reverse, causing serious consequences, as described by the Center for Autosafety (CAS).
  4. 9 million vehicle recalls and billions of dollars later, Toyota and Lexus experienced gas pedals that stuck to the floor, resulting in "runaway acceleration." After trying to blame All-Weather floor mats, they had to redesign in order to ensure safety, after fatalities resulted from the defect. This auto defect took place in Toyota years 2004-2010, and Lexus years 2006-2010.
  5. Around 70 million Takata airbags have been recalled due to the airbag inflater exploding, and sending shrapnel into the face and surrounding cabin of the vehicle, resulting in many deaths every single year, throughout a variety of vehicle makes, models and years. See below how to check and see if your car has a Takata Airbag that could be defective.

Over time there have been many different auto defects that have gone viral, or widely talked about. Whether they happen in large quantities with a new and popular car, or caused a serious or fatal car crash of a famous celebrity.

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How to Report Safety Problem to NHTSA

If you experience an auto defect or issue with your vehicle that is not or the norm, you can report it at (NHTSA).

When you file a complain and report an auto defect, you could be saving millions of lives that could be affected by the same auto defect or issue you have been subjected to. It is important to speak up and let your voice be heard. It makes a difference.

There are many different ways to identify an auto defect, some of which may consist of:

  • Noticing a sudden change to the way your vehicle drives, accelerates, reverses, steers, etc
  • Unusual noises coming from areas where noise was not heard from before
  • Cracks in metal, steel, engine parts, other vital car areas, etc
  • Rattling, shaking or bolts loosening all of a sudden/unable to tighten
  • Smoke (dark or light) coming from engine compartment, or excessive exhaust fumes
  • Exhaust fumes inside the occupant cabin
  • Parts of the vehicle that are easy to move, shake or rattle

If you were injured when experiencing this defect, call our trusted San Francisco Auto Defect Attorneys for your Free consultation at 415-358-0723.

San Francisco Auto Defect Attorney
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Recall Information

Even though auto defects are lying dormant in your car until you experience a sudden issue, sometimes you get a warning or recall, with the opportunity to have it fixed before the auto defect affects you.

A recall is usually sent out by email, mail, on advertisements online or on the morning or evening news. For example, a recall notice on the evening news while you are cooking dinner may pop up as the highlight segment of the evening;

"ABC Car company has begun urging people who have purchased or leased models 2016-2018 XYZ model SUV, to bring in to be service and have a specific item replaced, fixed or exchanged for the correct and non-defected material or part."

This is a disclaimer to avoid lawsuits or potential charges brought against their company and affiliate manufacturing companies.

The problem is, not everyone is able to catch that evening news segment on the newly found and dangerous auto defect, or didn't see the advertisement or email warning of the potentially hazardous auto defect in their new vehicle.

But, there is a way that you can check and see if your exact vehicles has any warnings, recalls or serviced needed on your exactly car, see below.

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How To Check If Your Car Is Safe

Ensuring that your vehicle is safe for you and your loved ones to drive in is important, and can give you a piece of mind. All you have to do is check and see online, for free.

All you need is your vehicles 17 character VIN (vehicle identification number), found on the lower driver-side corner of your vehicles front windshield, or on the side panel of your driver side door.

San Francisco Auto Defect Law Firm

Go to, and type in your VIN number, and you will instantly get a report of any recalls, system alerts, auto defects pertaining to your exact vehicle.

If you do see that you have a safety recall or auto defect warning that urges you to get it fixed as soon as possible, do not panic. Just schedule an appointment with your auto dealer and tell them the matter of service you need, express to them that you do not feel safe driving your car until this defect is fixed, and they are usually very responsive.

You can even have your car towed to the dealership if you are not comfortable driving it with the safety issues you find.

Don't worry, it's a great thing you found it, and once it is fixed, you will have that peace of mind that your vehicle is as safe as can be for you, your family and your loved ones.

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Class Action Auto Defects

Throughout time there have been products that are sold in mass quantities, like cars, trucks and SUV's. The problem with mass production, is the fact that if you can not ensure that a vehicle is manufactured and has zero defects or issues, how can you do so on 1 million vehicles?

This is where we get into class action cases, where many different people experience the same issue or auto defect in the same line or model of vehicle, which can be dangerous for companies and their financial stock holders, reputation and existence, but safety is more important than corporate success.

Thats why the class action auto defect lawyers of Bisnar Chase take these matters so seriously, and with such dedication and precision. We believe that large auto makers and auto part manufacturers need to uphold the safety, quality and consistency of their products so that nobody drives off in a vehicle that is going to fail on the road, possibly leading to a multiple fatality car accident.

The video below elaborates on the specifics of the Takata Airbag Recall/Auto Defect, courtesy of PBS News Hour.

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Why It's Important To Hire an Auto Defect Lawyer

Many people are under the impression they can take on a legal battle themselves, when in fact it is not totally impossible, but can definitely be a headache and cost you a few extra dimes if not handled correctly or appropriately.

The lawyers of Bisnar Chase have been studying law and representing injured victims for over 40 years, which as result shows in won cases, at an impressive 99% success rate.

The problem with not hiring an attorney is having to consistently staying on top of all deadlines, due dates, progress of the current status of your case and all aspects that are attributed to handling a case, all while recuperating, physical therapy, recovering from injuries or whatever you are dealing with as direct result of your accident.

Auto Defect Attorneys at Bisnar Chase have the resources to take on complex cases with ease, and the ability to devote their passion

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Contingency Fee - You Don't Pay If We Don't Win

Many people are worried that they do not have the money to hire a lawyer, so they go without, end up not going through the legal process or attempting to do it on their own and losing.

You do not want to miss out on compensation, and at Bisnar Chase, you won't. Bisnar Chase is a personal injury and auto defect law firm that advances all costs and helps their clients get through the case without financial burden. If we do not win your case, you do not pay us.

The auto defect attorneys of Bisnar Chase have been perfecting the art of winning auto defect cases against large corporations and will get you maximum compensation, or you do not pay.

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Let Top Ranked Auto Defect Lawyers Represent You

The San Francisco Auto Defects Lawyers of Bisnar Chase have been representing and winning these cases for over 40 years, and want to help get your life back. Our dedicated legal staff, personal injury lawyers and aggressive attorneys have won over $650 Million for our clients and have established an impressive 99% success rate.

Our firm is dedicated to helping those in need and if you visit our client testimonial and video testimonials page, you can see what our clients had to say about our services, representation and there overall experience working with us.

Our legal staff at the Bisnar Chase Law Firm are passionate about what they do, each and every single day. We understand that we are making the world a safer place, one client at a time.

If you have been injured due to an auto defect contact our skilled San Francisco Auto Defect Lawyers of Bisnar Chase for a Free consultation at 415-358-0723.

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