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California Child Injury Attorney

California Child Injury Attorney

The California Child Injury Lawyers of Bisnar Chase believe that no child must pay the cost of someone else's negligence. Thousands of children fall victim to accidents and become permanently disfigured or paralyzed due to someone’s reckless driving, defective products or slippery floors.

With our 96% success rate, we have been able to win millions in compensation for children who have experienced serious injuries for over four decades.

If your child has endured catastrophic injuries after an accident contact the California child injury attorneys of Bisnar Chase.

You don’t have to stand by and watch your child endure pain any longer.

Contact the law offices of Bisnar Chase at 800- 561-4887 for a free case analysis.

7 Most Common Causes for Child Injuries

Accidents involving children can happen at any place at any time. Liability falls on people who had the responsibility to keep your child safe. If your child has suffered from severe injuries due to a property owners negligence, then you are entitled to pursue a child injury claim. The following is a list of common injuries that are reported in a child injury claim.

  1. Injuries involving toys: According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in one year there had been a reported 11 deaths due to toys. In that same year, there had been 254,200 emergency room visits for children as well. The toys that caused the injuries or deaths were related to choking on plush toys and balloons. Check to see if there are any safety precautions to take and also instructions on how to play with the toy before use.
  2. Car accidents: Children who are not wearing seatbelts are at greater risk of being injured in a car accident. Research has indicated that 1 in 4 children have died in car crashes or have suffered from extreme brain injuries for not wearing a seatbelt. If your child is 2 years or younger and weighs under 40 pounds they need to be in a car seat. In California, if a child is not properly restrained in a vehicle this can lead to a $100 fine.
  3. Dog bites: Over 50% of children experience dog bites. Dogs attack for primary two reasons which includes the dog feels threatened or because the dog sees a child running as prey. Preventative measures can be taken such as educating your child on how to correctly approach a dog. One approach is to never let a child interact with a dog he/she is not familiar with without an adult present.
  4. Schoolyard injuries: Child injury lawyer in CaliforniaLiability for a child injured at school falls solely on the school or school district, even if there was a defect in the playground equipment. It is the responsibility of a school to ensure that all equipment that is installed on the playground is safe. The school can be brought to court as well if there are for example shards of glass on the ground where children are active and can be potentially hurt by the lack of maintenance.
  5. Property owners: Property owners hold what is commonly known as a “duty of care.” Duty of care refers to legally have an obligation to ensure that an adult or child is safe on the premises. An owner of a property must take the initiative to make sure their property is safe from potential hazards that can cause child injuries such as a poorly built staircase, slippery floors or dangerous chemicals dispersed in the air without warning.
  6. Hoverboard injuries: Self-balancing boards(hoverboards) have caused numerous injuries to not only children and pre-teens but to adults as well. An estimated amount of over 27,000 injuries occurred in one year due to hoverboards. The main cause of these injuries which included sprains and fractures was from falling off of the hoverboard. Bodily harm can be avoided if safety gear is provided to riders.
  7. Exploding e-cigarettes: Although this product was intended to be used by adults, pre-teens have been the main consumers of e-cigarettes. About 2.4 million minors are e-cigarette users and many have injured themselves when smoking. The lithium-ion battery in e-cigarettes has exploded numerous times causing severe first and third-degree burns.

Liability for a Child’s Injuries

One of the main causes of a child experiencing catastrophic injuries is due to a lack of supervision. The liability for this injury then falls on the individual who was supposed to be looking after or taking care of the child.

Some examples of parties that can be responsible for a child’s injury are:

  • A school if a child experiences a head injury on the playground
  • The owner of a swimming pool if a child has drowned
  • Hospitals that have caused injuries due to medical errors
  • Owners of dogs that have viciously bitten the child
  • Auto companies whose lack of safety features that have caused harm to a child

If your child has sustained harsh injuries from a lack of supervision the Child Injury Lawyers of Bisnar Chase are here to help. The law firm of Bisnar Chase has been earning millions in compensation for costs such as medical bills for children since 1978. Call us at 800-561-4887 to recieve free legal advice on your child injury case.

The Difference Between Child & Adult Personal Injury Lawsuits

The legal process between children and adults holds large dissimilarities. Since a child is too young to claim a suit themselves an adult can file a claim on their behalf. Usually the person filing a claim on the behalf of the child is a parent or guardian.
This individual in the court system is known as guardian ad litem. California courts select who will be the guardian ad litem.

A guardian ad litem refers to the person chosen by the courts to act on the behalf of the minor but just because they act as a behalf does not mean that they receive the compensation. The compensation is solely intended for the child. If an adult would like to earn compensation they will have to do so apart from their child’s claim.

Can a Child Be at Fault for a Personal Injury?

Children can be liable for personal injuries. It does depend on their age though. Minors who are seven years old or younger usually do not have the cognitive capacity to understand when they are taking risky actions or are being negligent.

If a child is at an age where they can comprehend that actions hold consequences especially for inappropriate behavior, then the minor and the minor’s parents can be held accountable for injuries. For instance, if a child purposely flings an object at a vehicle then he/she will be held responsible for the damages of the car.

Daycare injury lawyers in California

Can a Claim Be Made If My Child Was Hurt by Another Child at School?

Many people do not know that most states have parental responsibility laws.

As a parent, you are legally and financially held accountable for the actions of your child. California’s civil code states that a parent is held responsible of their children’s behavior especially if they have done harm onto others. Parents can also face up $2,500 in fees or can even be sentenced up to a year for their child’s actions.

Hiring a School Injury Lawyer

The Child Injury Lawyers of Bisnar Chase have been winning compensation for families to help their children recover from their injuries for 40 years. As a parent watching your child suffer is stressful. The attorneys of Bisnar Chase want to be the ones to end your child’s pain.

Our law firm has held a 96% success rate and has earned over $500 Million dollars in compensation for our clients.

Call 877-302-1639 to set up a free consultation with one of our legal experts.

Your child's suffering ends here, call now.

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