My Heart is Elsewhere

By: Laura Jorge Jacobo

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My Heart is Elsewhere - Laura Jorge Jacobo

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Laura Jorge Jacobo

There I was, lying on the grass, next to the person have I always opened up my heart to. I decided to confess I had a story to tell him; he looked at me expectantly, waiting to hear once again, one of my stories. He smiled innocently, without knowing that this time it would be different. My head was spinning as I, looked for a way to express myself clearly, but finding the right words was turning out to be more complicated than I thought. I didn´t want him neither to feel sad nor to change the way he treated me but it was evident this was going to happen. That day I was feeling far more hesitant, more insecure, nevertheless with the need of saying something that was definitely going to change my life: I was leaving. It was time for me to pursue a dream that I had prepared for at school and home. Time to get on that airplane that would take me to the next stage of my life.

It was a gorgeous summer day, the sun was shining radiantly and I felt it was the perfect moment to be honest. “I´ll miss you, my best friend,”- I said. He furrowed his brow and asked me what I wanted to say. I was afraid of his reaction but I told him I needed a change in life. The idea of going abroad really fascinated me and I knew the United States was my destination. I looked forward to studying in a prestigious university, to the campus environment, outstanding professors, international surroundings, clubs and organizations that would all be part of my preparation for my professional life. But what most excited me was the possibility to study different majors as I was undecided in what I would like to pursue as career. This was not an option if I stayed in Spain and continued my university studies at a national university, and I was concerned that I would end up in a career where passion was not a considering factor.

However, pursuing this dream would also have its consequences. My mother, my brother and I have been through many family tragedies together and I wondered how we would survive so far. For my surprise, mom acted bravely. She reminded me that my dream of studying abroad was part of me before my life unexpectedly changed, and that just like I faced those obstacles and challenges, I would be able to overcome these. Gever Tulley once said “Persistence end resilience only come from having been given the chance to work through difficult problems”; and I can affirm this firsthand. Nothing has come easy to me. I have had to work to recover quickly from difficult conditions and persevere, but this has only helped me prepare for what is soon to come.

My story would not be complete without mentioning another important part of me. I am fortunate to be part of two families separated by 6695 Kilometers. However, this is something that has never been easy to me. I have always lived in Spain but half of my heart is in the Dominican Republic. My family, every place I have travelled to and every person I have met, have made me realize what I love and who I am today. They have made me realize that my destiny was somewhere else, somewhere away from home. For this reason, I had to say goodbye, because my heart was elsewhere.