Never Give Up

By: Minjoo Rho

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Never Give Up - Minjoo Rho

Los Angeles Pierce College

Minjoo Rho

It seems just like yesterday when I accessed the portal and read the lines, “We regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you admission…” Immediately, my heart dropped and tears started streaming down my face. I felt as if all of my accomplishments had accounted to nothing. A good friend had also been rejected, so we spent the rest of the day driving aimlessly around town, drowning our sorrows in music and milkshakes.

A few months later, my friend decided to attend George Washington University in Washington D.C., and I was seriously considering attending the University of Washington. Though the campus was beautiful and the programs impressive, the costs were deemed too great. I decided to stay in California and attend a community college in hopes of transferring to a university in California; I specifically had my mind set on UCLA.

Though I felt dejected at first, the rejection allowed me to work even harder towards my goals of going to law school. I attended classes with determination and studied for tests as if my life depended on it. In regards to extracurriculars, I no longer felt that I needed a long list of extracurriculars for the sole purpose of impressing an admissions board. I explored and built on my interests in volunteer work, political science, and government, naturally finding extracurriculars that I enjoyed. After a year and a half at Los Angeles Pierce College, I began to apply to universities, including UCLA. Though the thought of going through the application process again terrified me, I was confident and determined to receive a letter of acceptance.

Six months later, I had just finished writing on the last page of my journal, when I realized that it was the perfect metaphor for where I was in life at the moment. I was reaching the end of one chapter in my life and was about to begin a new one that upcoming fall. In that moment, I was a community college student, but in an additional three months, I would be a UCLA student.

My years spent at a community college allowed me to grow and learn not only as a student, but as an individual. Life is full of challenges. Life is also about overcoming those challenges and finding the light in dark situations. Transferring to UCLA was a challenge I had to overcome. I learned that if you set a goal, and you do everything that you can to to achieve that goal, you will never really lose.