Against All Odds

By: Jose Z.Gomez

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Against All Odds - Jose Z.Gomez

Warren High School


My name is Jose,My friends call me Zack.I'm currently a senior at Warren High school.

When I was five yrs old I diagnosed with autism. It was very hard for me growing up because life was so complicated and not easy to understand. I grew up happy in my own little world until I started middle school. I was bullied most of my middle school years due to my speech delay, but I found comfort in my parents, teachers, and studying.

I have always told myself that I can do anything, that sky is not the limit. I've felt alone sometimes but God has always been the foundation of my life and so I stand today by His mercy and grace. Now in high school I feel much confident and things don't bother me anymore. I have new friends and I feel like I have overcome many obstacles in my life. Autism doesn't define me. I strive to always be at my best and not to let what I have stop me from accomplishing my dreams. I sometimes find myself standing up for those who cannot fight for themselves because I know how it feels to be left out. I use my past struggles to help those in need of a helping hand and that has only made me a better human being.

I love people but sometimes they can be very cruel and sometimes I feel that I'm blessed because my mom says that I don't see the bad intentions people have towards me but I think sometimes that's a good thing. I love my parents but my mom is my best friend she is the most loving person I know. I also love school and my teachers at Warren are the best! My struggles with autism have made me a strong person and I'm so blessed because I get to use that and help others I still have autism but I have overcome so much I'm more aware of things now I still struggle with other things but I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. My dream is to go to college and to be a Neurologist or a special Ed teacher. I love helping people to be the best they can be, against all odds.