A Miracle

By: Paola Orduz

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A Miracle - Paola Orduz

Springfield Technical Community College


I don't remember a thing I was not even born at the time. On July 23 a miracle was born, always was called a miracle, but never understood why? When I was old enough to understand the tragedy that my parents and me survived. Let me take you into the center of tragic that by the mercy of our Father saved us and had mercy upon us.

Who doesn't enjoy vacations? Hot sunny day coming back home. At the time home was Colombia, driving back we could call it a highway huge cliffs nothing could go wrong. At the time my mom was pregnant of me she only was three months pregnant. When least expected my dad loses control of the car and they fall of the road leading them down a cliff. Dad was not wearing a seat belt and flew out leading him very injured breaking even ribs. While my mom had her seatbelt she was stuck and ended up at the bottom of the cliff, while I was in her belly. What can I say is God was so good with us, the car was fully tanked it should've blew up. Mom ended up having to go back up to the highway meaning this brave soul walk all the way up to look for help for her husband and for herself. Help came took them to emergency, I am now today a blessing to their life a miracle or else I wouldn't be writing this story today.

Now I see everyday as if it was the last one I will ever see, life is too short death can knock at your door at any age. Not only that returning to the event that same day two other mom's lost their babies by simply falling down the stairs and the other one slipping in the tub. Those are common events that can happen to anyone and is sad to hear that, but just knowing that I survived that along with my parents gives me a purpose gives me a reason to be grateful f any opportunity and of simply another day of life.