This is it.

By: Nikole Cole

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This is it. - Nikole Cole

Pea Ridge High School


Monday August 22, 2016; Here I am, it's the second week of my senior year and I'm in ISS which is, In School Suspension. If you know me, I am a very outgoing girl, great grades, active in everything and anything, so this is a very odd vibe for me! I believe I have a lot going for me but mistakes like these give me doubt. It's my senior year and I cannot fathom how fast it has arrived. I'm 18 in a few months, a legal adult!

This past, present summer I experienced the downward spiral of emotions. I was involved in my first ever car accident; I wasn't ever home this summer, always out and about with my pals... On the night of June 30th I was on my way to my girl-friends, just leaving my house saying the quick "Goodbye, Love you!" and bolting out the door. I was following behind her fully packed car, worried about how fast she was driving. I was about a mile away from my house. I had a gut feeling that one day I would get into an accident in that vehicle, but Lord, I never knew it would come so quick. I was just passing the Pea Ridge City park, cruising along, trying to catch up with my friend...I went from feeling complete excitement to complete terror and fright. I have never in my 17 years of living ever been so terrified. We had just gotten struck by a huge downfall of rain and with my luck, I hydroplaned. I was heading down hill going around a corner, I stepped on my break and the next thing I know my car spun out and I was physically going up and down and around. My poor 2009 Nissan versa, gave up on me; the back end of my vehicle flipped over the front end and rolled all the way down the hill until coming to a stop upside down in the ditch of the opposite lane. None of my airbags deployed either. I honest to God believed that I was going to die that night but I got out of that car without any blood or severe injuries.

Never in my life, have I ever felt the presence of God until this event. I wouldn't say I'm lucky; I'm blessed actually. I wasn't meant to leave this earth yet and for that I am thankful. I'm living and experiencing my senior year, applying for scholarships and colleges ready to take on my future. I don't know if my life was taking a negative toll on me, from when I was that little ray of sunshine but I've changed and I'm ready to take on the world, and the struggle that comes with it. I can't wait to experience college and earn my master's degree in radiology to become an X-ray Technician, for the VA, for my disabled veteran dad. I am thankful.